Germantown: A Classic American Yarn

Germantown is a classic American yarn. In fact, it is a revival of the very first commercial American yarn! This 100% North American wool is spun and dyed in North Carolina. Germantown is known for its softness, bounce, stitch definition, and wide range of vibrant colors perfect for both traditional and modern projects. The release of Germantown marked the final chapter in our ten year anniversary in 2018, and we are now celebrating our 15th year! Germantown is a traditional knitting yarn that has weathered the ebb and flow of trends. We are honored to pick up the torch and carry it on and hope that when our time is done someone else comes along to bring it forward to a new generation - that is what life is all about, after all, isn’t it?
Germantown has a long history in the US.
Germantown yarn is synonymous with good quality, worsted spun (combed and carded) wool in bright colors. The last company to produce it was Brunswick, who went out of business in the 1980s. It has always been produced in the USA, and when looking to bring it back after an almost 40 year hiatus, we were determined to keep it that way. We bought the trademark, and the rest is history. The wool for Germantown is grown in the Western US, namely Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It is called Territory wool, named for the former US Territories where it is now grown. A graded blend of Rambouillet, Targhee, Columbia, and Polypay, it has a soft, crisp hand with a lot of bounce! It is a workhorse that is worthy of heirloom knitting or everyday basics. We love carrying on the tradition of this classic, American made wool yarn in 2023, and we hope you love Germantown yarn as much as we do. It's Germantown Appreciation Week at Kelbourne Woolens, and be sure you're signed up for our newsletter to access some excellent promotions this week! And remember, Germantown ships for free all week!