Scout Collection: Sawyer

When we released the Luma Collection last year, we had no idea how incredibly popular the Stone Point poncho was going to be. You never know when a pattern is going to "hit," and this one hit hard!
We sold so many copies of this poncho, and it was so awesome to hear from knitters and shop owners about how much they loved the simple but fun-to-knit design - and how many people knit it more than once! Over the last year, many have asked us to write the pattern with some simple sleeves to create a comfy and oversized sweater - or "swancho," if you will.

You ask, we deliver! Sawyer is Stone Point 2.0: I changed the stitch count in order to accommodate the side seams and gauge difference and worked a k2, p2 ribbing at the hem and turtleneck for a little more structure. The body of the sweater is written with quite a bit of ease to fit most, and we've written it for two arm circumferences depending on the arm size you're looking for. And finally, we've used our new Kelbourne Woolens Scout yarn to make a perfect early spring garment.

I hope you love Sawyer as much as we do!

Collection Images: Linette Kielinski
Location: Field, Philadelphia, PA
Model: Emily Chang
Hair + Makeup: Diana DuHaime, ONLO Beauty