Introducing BC Garn Summer in Kashmir

We're lovers of wool and year-round knitters and crocheters, but have a special place in our hearts for quality cellulose based yarns and fibers. (This love was the impetus for our Mojave, and why we're such fans of BC Garn Alba and Lino!) BC Garn released a brand new yarn this season, Summer in Kashmir, a GOTS certified blend of 90% cotton and cashmere. Finely spun into 2 plied strands that are then plied into a 5-ply sport weight yarn, the combination of cotton and cashmere makes Summer in Kashmir a popular option for year round use. The cotton is grown on GOTS certified farms in Turkey, and the Cashmere is from Mongolia. The yarn is spun and dyed in Turkey. I searched online for some pattern options for this versatile yarn and some of my favorites are below: Velen by Camille Descoteaux / Naughty pants by Veronika Ryzhkova Senecio Top by Ksenia Naidyon / Quetzal by Rachel Brockman Dawn Pullover by Paula Pereira / Tsubaki Pullover by Hiroko Fukatsu You can see the colors available here, or ask for Summer in Kashmir at your favorite LYS!