Finished Project

Finished Project: Kate's Toni in Lucky Tweed

Huzzah! A new sweater for fall! In all honesty, this lovely cardigan has been finished since early August, but it has been so stinkin' hot, I haven't had the inclination to break it out for photos. Fast forward to this weekend and glorious fall weather, and I just had to wear it on our yearly outing to Solebury Orchards. I will wax poetic about knitting pieces and seaming until I am blue in the face, but I have been intrigued by Julie Weisenberger's seamless method since her Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book was published a few years ago. Something else always managed to take precedence, but I knew it was meant to be this past January when Julie published Toni, an updated version of her classic Antonia/Antonio cardigan featuring Lucky Tweed! You can see my swatching and planning for back in January here. Toni has a few button band, pocket, and hem options, and I went with a combination of garter stitch button bands paired with deep ribbing and knit-as-you-go pockets. I found the pattern to be pretty easy to follow, even with the ever-changing combination of increases when shaping the shoulders, sleeves, and neckline. Making note of which row I was one and crossing off as I went was immensely helpful, especially as I mainly worked on the sweater in the evenings and the yoke was completed over a few sittings. As you can see in the above detail image, the garter at the back neck poufs out slightly, but I think it is something that will be sorted with wear or a slight steaming. Otherwise, the end result is a classic, incredibly well fitting, comfortable sweater that helps to fill a very large cardigan hole in my closet. As a bonus, the color of Lucky I used, Deep Sea, is the perfect blend of black, gray, and blue that matches pretty much everything in my closet, so I am sure I will get tons of use out of it this fall and winter!