Navia Knitalong: Free Pattern and Plans

It is time to get excited for the Navia Knitalong! As I mentioned in the post last week, the design, Troyggja Við Mynstur (Sweater with Round Pattern) is a free pattern by Tóra Joensen from Navia Book 25. Originally only available in Danish, I translated the pattern into English and added additional sizing to cover a broader range.

Download the Free Pattern here!

In preparation for the knitalong, Courtney, Meghan, and I laid out the Navia Tradition to pick colors for our sweaters. We’ll be swatching over the course of the week and sharing our swatches - and a few tips for working with the Tradition - later in the week. Our choices are below! Courtney’s Christmas Sweater

Not one to shy away from the potential for making a holiday themed sweater, Courtney went all out with her Christmas inspired colors. Using white (901) as her main color, black (907) will be the contrast color at the cuffs and hem, and the brighter green (908) and red (916) will serve as contrasts. Although she’s going with a theme that can sometimes be a little kitschy, the subtle use of red and traditional design will ensure this will be gorgeous and really classic.

Meghan’s Classic with a Twist

Meghan is our “pink and orange” woman in the office, so for this sweater she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and explore some blue! She stayed true to three of the original colors in the design, white (901), dark brown (906), and light brown (905), but replaced the mid grey with a really beautiful denim blue (939). She was a little surprised when I showed her the mock up of the yoke chart with her colors in it, (so much blue), so we’ll see after some good swatching if she stays true to this plan and ends up with the subtle stunner she is hoping for! Kate’s Dark Earth I loved the idea of switching the colors up a bit, so I’m using black (907) for my main color instead of the white (901). I have been really into green lately, so I wanted to incorporate the darker grass green (913) in as well. The white Meghan and Courtney are using seemed too harsh against the other colors, so I opted for light grey (902), and a small bit of dark brown (906) for the yoke. My only concern is that the colors are veering more on the side of “Eagle’s Pride” (which I definitely do not want), and less on the side of “lovely moody earth tones” (which I really do want), so swatching is vital to determine if this will be the case. Stay tuned later in the week when we share our swatches, and let you know if our plans seem to be working out! We’d love to see your progress in the knitalong if you choose to participate, so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at KelbourneWoolens, Navia at NaviaFaroeIslands, and use the hashtags #KWNaviaKAL and #kelbournewoolens