Navia Tradition


100% Faroese wool
196 yards (180 meters) / 100 gm ball
US 10.5-13 (7-9 mm) / 14 sts = 4” (10 cm)


Tradition consists of 100% Faroese wool.* The yarn has been produced to meet a demand for old-style yarns that have been popular in the Faroe Islands for knitting 'skipstroyggjur' or boatman's jerseys. In Faroese, the yarn is called "Samfingið" meaning 'unsorted,' meaning the coarser fibers are not plucked out. This results in a rustic yarn that is especially suitable for rugged jumpers and jackets. 

*Prior to 2018 Tradition was comprised of 80% Faroese wool and 20% English lambswool.

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Navia Tradition light grey 902