Introducing Collaboration: Kelbourne Woolens x Fairmount Fibers

We have known Lisa, founder of Fairmount Fibers, the U.S. Manos del Uruguay yarns distributor, since the early 2000s. Lisa played a large role in the start of Kelbourne Woolens, as we met working together at her shop Rosie’s in Philadelphia. We then shared warehouse space with her after starting Kelbourne Woolens in 2008.

Bascom / Kate Gagnon Osborn

Manos introduced a new bulky-weight wool, Cardo, at the same time as our Germantown Bulky, and, conveniently, both can be knit at the same gauge! Lisa approached us earlier this year with the idea to work together on a joint collection featuring both yarns, and we didn’t think twice before saying, “Heck yes!”

Lamarr / Courtney Kelley

We joined forces and designed 6 garments, and knit each in both yarns. The result is a wardrobe of sweaters and a renewed commitment to the principle of collaboration.

Gilbreth / Lisa R. Myers

The six pieces, designed by Sarah Chapman, Courtney Kelley, Lisa R. Myers, and Kate Gagnon Osborn, are named after women who have contributed greatly to the field of science. Each garment is shown in both yarns and come in an inclusive size range.⁠

Merian / Sarah Chapman

Jemison / Kate Gagnon Osborn

We can’t wait to share more with you about the Collaboration Collection! We have a great interview planned with Lisa and Sarah from Fairmount Fibers, Kate and Ellie will show you how they would style their favorite pieces, and we’ll share an overview of some of the techniques featured in the patterns and their accompanying tips and tricks.

Herschel / Lisa R. Myers

The patterns are available individually on Kelbourne WoolensFairmount Fibers, and Ravelry. We hope you enjoy knitting the garments as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Images: Linette Messina Kielinski

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