KW Knitting Tips and Tricks: Cables Across Repeats


Working cables in the round in all-over repeats, such as on the Seathwaite or Baby Jane hats requires working the cable at the end of the round differently than the others in the repeat.

When people ask about this technique, we always assure them that it makes much more sense in application than if you were to just read the instructions. Hopefully this photo tutorial is also an additional bit of information and support for you when working the designs!

KW Knitting Tips + Tricks: Cables Across Repeats
KW Knitting Tips + Tricks: Cables Across Repeats

Pictured is the Baby Jane hat, in preparation to work Round 27 of the chart. The cable that crossed the repeat is a 5 stitch cable, 2 of the stitches are on the left side of the marker, 3 are on the right side of the marker. The instructions to follow are for this specific cable, but the concept is the same regardless of the number of stitches worked. 

STEP 1/ Knit 2, then work around as charted.

KW Knitting Tips + Tricks: Cables Across Repeats

STEP 2/ When you get to the end of the round, stop before working the final cable.

STEP 3a/ Work the final cable as follows: remove marker

KW Knitting Tips + Tricks: Cables Across Repeats
Baby Jane 2.jpg

STEP 3b/ Work the cable, then replace your marker. The marker should be in the exact same place in the round - just to the left of the purl stitch.  

On the following round (the round you are about to work, in the case of Baby Jane, this would be Round 28 of the chart), you will notice you are already two stitches past the marker you have just replaced. Ignore these two stitches on the chart for the first repeat only, then continue working around as charted. 

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