Style It

Style It: Collaboration Collection

Styling the outfits for the Collaboration Collection shoot was super fun as it forced us to step out of our comfort zone a bit. Courtney, Sarah, Lisa, and I put together style inspiration that focused on print, pattern, texture, and color, and Ellie took our ideas and assembled all of the looks. The end result was a really feminine aesthetic with a lot of florals and bright, lively color to balance the classic wardrobe staples we designed. While we are delighted with how the shoot turned out, we thought it would be fun to show the garments paired with pieces you'd be apt to find in our personal closets. Ellie and I put together a few different options for you to see what we would wear with two of our favorite designs, Gilbreth and Bascom.
Kate: Three Looks for Gilbreth
When Lisa shared her in progress samples of Gilbreth at one of our design meetings this past spring, I knew I had to make one for myself. Knit in pieces with a set-in sleeve (a tried-and-true favorite), the showstopper of this cardigan is the cleverly engineered shawl collar knit simultaneously with the left and right fronts. This thing is squishy, cosy, and lays beautifully around the neck and shoulders - what's not to love? I initially thought I'd make one for myself in basic black, but I'm super tempted by the forest green in these looks (even thought I already have a Germantown sweater in that exact color in my closet)! Style 1 / Every. Damn. Day. This look could not be more "Kate" if it tried. Between the striped shirt, comfy jeans, and sneakers, I'm pretty sure I wear a variety of this outfit 350 days a year. (Full disclosure, I actually own two of those Cotopaxi bags - one for walking the dog and one for every day use.) I was tempted to add a hoodie, and treat Gilbreth more like a jacket, but I love the thought of being able to wear it when it is cool enough for layers but not so cold to need a coat. Style Two / Getting "Fancy" While my uniform is jeans and t-shirts 95% of the time, I do like to wear a dress now and again. I've always struggled with the warmth factor when it comes to dresses in fall and winter, but pairing a long sleeved dress with some leggings, a hat, a scarf, and topping it all of with a cosy cardigan sounds like the perfect way to "dress up" while still being practical and comfortable - and warm! Style Three / Cosytown, U.S.A. Most evenings you'll find me curled up on the couch with our pup, a mug of tea, and a knitting or crochet project. (Did you hear?! Derry Girls Season 3 is coming October 7th! Cannot. Wait.) While it may seem silly to "style" an outfit where the sole purpose is to sit alone on the couch, I'd argue that wearing handmade while making hand made is peak-level crafting!
Ellie: Three Looks for Bascom
As a full time grad student and part time employee of Kelbourne Woolens, textiles occupy pretty much my whole world. Fall is my favorite season, so I love the idea of a vest as a layering piece to mix and match with my work and studio wear, or out and about on the rare occasions I treat myself to a day off in the city or running errands! I am a weaver by trade and education, but Kate and Courtney promised they'd teach me how to knit this fall - maybe a Bascom I knit myself is not too far in the future? Style 1 / Lunch and Errands This is the look for those glorious fall weekends when it's not quite cold enough for a jacket, but only a dress would be too chilly. Not to get too fancy, I love how the vest and sneakers make it a more casual look. I think it would be perfect paired with some fun jewelry and a big tote to fit all the unnecessary things I bought at Target on my way to lunch.Style 2 / Grad School When I'm not at Kelbourne I'm busy getting my masters in textile design, and I would happily wear this to a full day of classes or weaving in the studio. This look is also great if you have an office job and want to show off your knitting skills. As always, a big tote is a must for all my (very important) stuff. Style 3 / Work...or Weekend In fall and winter I live in my Rudy Jude utility jeans and a striped turtleneck. It's the perfect layering base, and the Bascom vest adds a pop of color and coziness to the look. I first made this look with a day at the office in mind, but we have a very casual dress code (read: none at all). If you have different work-day requirements, this would also be great for a comfy weekend look. Add some clogs and a big bucket bag and you're good to go! Fall has officially arrived, and we cannot wait to pile on the layers this season. How would you style your favorite piece from the Collaboration Collection?