Tips & Tricks

September Mitten Cuff

The September Mitten cuff is a very simple lace edging worked back and forth on two double pointed needles. The edging is then joined into a circle, and stitches are then picked up in the straight (flat) side in order to work the hand. As an added element, the beginning and end of the edging is overlapped slightly to create a nice looking placket at the join. The technique is very similar to the sew-as-you-go method of joining two pieces of knitted fabric, and also similar to a three needle bind off - just without the binding off part! Set Up / Hold the cuff edging so that the straight side is facing up. Fold the strip in half, overlapping the the first two stitches on either end. Step 1 / Insert a DPN into the first pair of overlapped stitches. Using your mitten yarn (shown here in a contrast color for clarity), knit both edging stitches together, joining the 2 cuff stitches - 1 stitch on needle. Step 2 / Insert the DPN into the second pair of overlapped stitches. Using your mitten yarn, knit both edging stitches together, joining the two cuff stitches - 2 stitches on needle. Step 3 / Continuing with your working yarn and DPNs, insert the needle into the next slipped stitch of the cuff. Pick up and knit 1 stitch with your mitten yarn. Step 4 / Continue picking up and knitting around the edging until all slipped stitches have been worked. You will need to add additional double pointed needles as you work around the cuff. Step 5 / If necessary, divide the stitches evenly over your double pointed needles. Work the hand as directed.