I Remember Germantown

Do you remember Germantown yarn? A lot of knitters do, and we love hearing stories of when you learned to knit using Germantown, the first sweater you made, or the crocheted afghan that has been passed down through the generations. We love the look of this classic yarn - it's not old fashioned, it has vintage charm!

We also adore the put up - a classic, center pull skein - and spent nearly an extra year in development in order to find a mill that could still produce this classic shape. We love the air of nostalgia it brings, and we hope you do too. Why did we opt for this style of skein, if it's not one you often find in a yarn shop anymore? Having a yarn that doesn't require winding is a great advantage, particularly for new knitters. The accessibility of the yarn, without the need for additional tools like a swift or knowledge of winding hanks, makes it convenient for a wider range of crafters. We want new knitters to feel confident in their yarn selection, and we think this style of skein has a nostalgic charm for experienced knitters too! We hope you like it as much as we do. Show your love of Germantown yarn's nostalgic vibe with this cute skein tote!
germantown yarn skein tote bag
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