Finished Project

Finished Project: Kate's Rift!

I finished my Rift as part of the #mojavemarlalong and it is everything I had hoped it would be and more! The subtle Mojave marl (slate gray and plum brown) creates a lovely mushroomy purple that works well with basically everything in my wardrobe. The linen/cotton blend is soft and has some heft, but is still light and comfortable to wear.

I made very few modifications to the pattern and tried to stay as true to the design as possible. The first - if one can even call it that - was the addition of a few inches to the body length so it is less cropped. As a reference, I am 5’5” and have a pretty short torso, and my front before the armhole division is 11” (3” longer than stated in the pattern).

The end result is a sweater I can wear layered over dresses, or with pants or jeans, making it a much more versatile garment for my personal style.

The other modification was done at the last minute. All that was left to do was the neck and sleeve cuffs, and on a whim I picked up the hook from my Sophie’s Universe and started working a single crochet edge around the neck. The effect was very similar to the pick up and bind off called for in the pattern, and it was very quick and simple. I also liked how it paired nicely with the bind off at the shoulders.

I wanted the sleeve cuffs to match the neck, so I worked three rounds of single crochet around the sleeve edges as well. This took a little more finagling, as without decreases at the underarm and shoulder it flared quite a bit, but once I sorted those out, they were done in no time!