Finished Project

Finished Project: Courtney's Snug in Germantown Bulky

Will you just look at that face? I can't even deal with how cute this guy is - especially when he is draped in a bunch of squishy woolly goodness! I am notorious for not finishing things. I love starting a project but it takes quite a bit of enthusiasm to get it completely done. (My older son is at school today wearing a hat I 'finished' five years ago with the ends still not woven in). But, today I am basking in the glory of this completely finished sweater for my youngest, Nico, just in time for this week's cold snap here in Philadelphia! I thought I was resigned to gifting this sweater to some other baby next winter, but Mother Nature decided to do me a solid and create some truly miserable spring weather. Thank you ma'am! And look how happy this little fella is! He is modeling the baby sweater Snug designed by Dutch artist and knitwear designer, Hinke Schreuders. I knit the cardigan in our new bulky weight Germantown, in the color peacock, the chunkier version of our Germantown Worsted. Both yarns are 100% non-superwash wool, and made in the U.S from sheep to skein. Knit cuff to cuff in a totally unexpected way, this sweater was really fun to make! In true-to-Courtney style, I wasn't paying close attention to the instructions, and missed that I was supposed to do some shaping on the sleeves. Whoops! I don't think it made too much difference, though, and the baby certainly doesn't seem to mind! It is spring in Philadelphia, so chances are we'll get a few 80 degree days followed by a few 30 degree days for at least another month. While the change in temperature drives me crazy, at least I know he'll get some excellent use out of this sweater before winter comes around again! all images by and © Linette Messina Kielinski