Eco Wash Bags are Here!

Just in time for the holidays, we have the new Eco Wash Bags from Soak! These laundry bags are perfect for crafters who want to take special care of their handknits. Made from 100% post-consumer plastics, each Eco Wash Bag is made from at least 8 plastic bottles! Saving those from the landfill and making them into a special product you can use again and again, while also prolonging the life of your knits! How? Fiber loss in the wash is a huge part of what wears out your clothes. The more they are agitated, the more fibers are expelled, and the ‘thinner’ your garment becomes, making it more prone to pilling and becoming threadbare. This is why we are such big proponents of hand washing with Soak. As busy parents of young children, we have become more and more likely to throw our hand knits in the washing machine - on the wool cycle, of course! - and this is why I am obsessed with these wash bags. Created by the laundry care experts at Soak, Eco Wash Bags are designed to keep all your items safe during machine washing. Protect your lingerie, swimwear, active wear, scarves, sports bras, baby socks, knitwear, favorite stuffed animal, or embellished garment Made from 100% RPET, post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Each Eco Wash Bag diverts 8+ plastic bottles from oceans and landfills. Specifications: • Washer/ dryer safe. • Premium zippers stylishly matched to each Soak fragrance. • Zipper cover protects the rest of your laundry. • Soakworthy hang tag allows for easy storage when not in use. •Quality construction with French seams. • Perfect to store lingerie and other items during travel. • Can also be used as a project bag. How it works: Place your favorite delicate items inside the Eco Wash Bag. Zip and secure zipper pull under tab. Wash in cool water on the delicate cycle with Soak. Lay knits and lingerie flat to dry. The Eco Wash Bag is ideal for top and front loading machines, including HE. Also dryer safe. They come in two useful sizes, Slim and Generous. Slim will hold hand knit socks, baby items, a bra, or other small items. Generous is big enough to hold an entire sweater, a baby blanket, or multiple small accessories. I used my Slim bag just this weekend to wash my son’s very special (and absolutely germ-ridden) teddy bear, and it worked perfectly! If you’re thinking Stocking Stuffers, especially if your new stocking is under way, check out these cute gift sets! You’ll receive one Slim Eco Wash Bag and one 3oz travel size Soak Wash packaged in a box perfect for the crafter in your life! If you’re a Soak retailer and interested in placing an order for the Eco Wash Bags and Gift Sets for your shop be sure to get in touch!