Crochet Something Contest: Garment Inspiration

The entries for the CSCSC are rolling in on Instagram, and we're so thrilled at all the crochet goodness we're seeing. There are five official categories (not including the "wild card"), and we thought we'd do a little series highlighting some of our crochet favorites in each. First up are the Garments!

I would wager that when most people think of crochet they think of afghans and dish cloths. Crochet sweaters can be trickier. Maybe we were all a bit scarred by images like these: or these: (Wait. Not going to lie.... I kinda love those.) Crochet garments don't have to be caricatures or stereotypes of 70s kitsch, though. (Unless like me, you're really into it!) Crochet designers have been churning out awesome sweater designs for the 21st century. Below are just a few of our favorites:

Jess Coppom

L / Canyonlands Boho Top. R / The Dwell Sweater. Designer Jess Coppom has a bunch of great crochet designs on Ravelry, and her Canyonlands Boho Top has been on my to do list for a while. I love a good openwork pattern, and the shaping on this couldn't be easier. Kate is a huge fan of The Dwell Sweater - who doesn't love a big hug masquerading as a cardigan?!

Ana D

If you are looking for good summer crochet garments, designer Ana D will show up again and again. She's the reigning queen of the summer tee. And just in case you can't decide which one to make, Ana D offers a discount code when you purchase multiple designs. Perfect for indecisive crocheters like myself!


L / Square Pullover with Pockets. R / Hoodie Pullover. Many knitters are familiar with Japanese designer michiyo, but her crochet is as stunning as her knitwear. Most of her patterns are available only in print, and I highly recommend you get your hands on any of her Japanese crochet books! Whenever I am in New York I try to get to the Kinokuniya Bookstore to browse the knitting and crochet books. The books are in Japanese, but the charts are so extensive that they are really all you need.

Toni Lipsey

L / Summertime Tee. R / Hibiscus Moon Shawl Designer Toni Lipsey has been crocheting since middle school, and it shows! I love the detail on her Summertime Tee - the cuff around the armholes and especially the "ribbing" along the bottom edge. It's these little details that make this design stand apart from the crowd. Toni is also the designer of the Knit Collage Hibiscus Moon shawl that is being offered as our CSCSC prize for Best Art/Sculptural Work!

Robyn Chacula

L / Sunflower Jumper. R / Labyrinths Cardigan. Robyn's work as an engineer gives her a unique outlook on how crochet is constructed, and her body of work is diverse and inspiring. I've loved her Sunflower Jumper for years, but have never attempted it! It is a great example of using a doily motif to create a garment - so clever! And her Labyrinths Cardigan is a cute modern take on the granny square sweaters of yore. If you're thinking of taking the plunge into designing your own crochet sweaters, check out her online class, Crochet Sweater Studio.

In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of our Crochet Summer Crochet Something Contest (CSCSC):


This non-competitive contest is a great opportunity to spend the summer trying something new, or finally challenging yourself to make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. This feel-good contest is meant to be a fun way to gather more people to the craft of crochet. There are six categories: • Best Garment • Best First Crochet Project • Best Art/Sculptural Work • Best Doily • Best Home Decor (afghan, pillow, tea cozy, bathmat, etc. • Name your own category (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, bonus points for a funny, yet tasteful, category heading) Each category will have one winner, with many superlative-laden runners up. EVERYONE is a winner with Crochet Summer!

Do you have a favorite crochet designer? Share them with us in the comments!