Get Your Hooks Out! It's time for the Crochet Summer 2019

Bust out your hooks!

It’s our 5th annual Crochet Summer and we’re excited to start stitching with our favorite plant fibers as the weather gets warmer.

If you are new to our Crochet Summer it’s exactly what it sounds like. We’re focusing on crochet during the summer to celebrate our sister craft and provide ourselves a medium that is plant fiber-friendly. This is the time of year we reach for Mojave or Perennial and go wild.

There is only ONE RULE of Crochet Summer:

1. Crochet something, anything, this summer.

In years past we’ve kicked off Crochet Summer on June 1st—but you know what?—we’re late to the game this year. Life, kids, TNNA planning, and exciting upcoming projects derailed our schedule a bit, so we’re officially kicking off Crochet Summer 2019 today, June 21, and ending on September 21. We’ll do better to start earlier next year!

Stay tuned for project suggestions on the blog and WIPs on our Instagram feed @kelbournewoolens. Post your Crochet Summer projects and progress on Instagram using the hashtag #crochetsummer2019. Check out previous IG years for inspiration: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018!

Meanwhile, Meghan Kelly has resurrected her colorful granny square top from last summer and is dedicated to finishing it this year.

We’re cheering her on and we sort out our own crochet project for this summer!

What are you hooking up this summer? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging us @kelbournewoolens.

Happy Crochet Summer!