Cables Made Easy

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, there are two older but still incredibly useful tutorial related to the August Mitten pattern that you might find helpful. Both are helpful in effectively creating excellent cables, and will help you not only with the August Mitten, but also in any future knitting endeavors!
In conjunction with the release of Little Things, I created a 4-Part Series on working from charts. The 3rd part of the series, Cables, takes off where knit/purl patterning and colorwork left off, and covers some specific points unique to reading and working from cable charts. A must for the August Mitten – and (hint hint) more of the Year of Mitten patterns to come!
The second, Cabling without a Cable Needle, takes you through the steps to work cables without the hassle of constantly having to pick up and put down a cable needle. Once you get over the initial fear of intentionally dropping stitches, this technique will make your knitting much, much faster. Promise!

What techniques are you dying to learn? Any hints for fellow knitters on working excellent and easier cables?