Staff Picks: Fall Sweater Colorways

When Courtney decided to make an all-over colorwork pullover for the Fall Sweater, we all thought she was a little nuts! But the end result is a really beautiful design in staff-favorite Andorra. We thought it would be fun if we each picked colors for our very own Fall Sweater - read below for everyone's picks, why they chose the colors they did, and two different chart options for each!


I love Courtney’s colors in her original design, but I wanted a more neutral option. If there’s one thing we do well at Kelbourne, it’s neutrals, and Andorra in cloud gray might be our prettiest one. Using it as my jumping-off point, I created a nice gradient of dark and light with blueberry, dark navy, and snow white. Seeing this palette might just get me over my fear of steeking to cast on the Fall Sweater! It is interesting to see how different the chart looks with the darkest vs lightest main color!


Sage and avocado are two of my favorite Andorra colors, so it made sense to build a palette around them. I added French blue, and not wanting too much contrast with my 4th color, chose cloud gray, a very blue pale gray. It made sense to use the cloud gray as the main color for one swatch option, as it is much lighter than the other three. For an alternate main color, I chose the avocado, leaving all the blues as contrast colors. I am eager to swatch and see what they look like!


I love a warm, autumnal color palette, but I also love an unexpected pop of vibrant color! The unmistakable pop that the salmon brings to this otherwise fairly tame group of colors is just perfect. Without the salmon, this colorway would be positively preppy, and we can't have that! Classic camel, olive green, stone gray, and salmon pink - I love it! I would also love to see the stone colorway as the main color to ground the sweater, which I think would let that pink really shine.


I decided on these colors to evoke a classically moody late fall vibe. The Andorra in raven provides a luscious backdrop that the lavender, sage, and caramel Andorra colors pop against. I had in mind a delightful fall evening on a lake surrounded by the bewitching colors of fall with my next knitting project and Labrador Bailey by my side.


You know I had to get in on the fun when photographing all of the other options! For my pick, I went with a "vintage" Andorra palette inspired by the debut collection, specifically Courtney's Jenny sweater. It is particularly nice to see what the colors would look like in this decidedly modern design in contrast to the very traditional bohus yoke on Jenny. Which colorway is your favorite? Which four colors would you chose?