Primrose Mittens Tuck Stitches

The stitch pattern on the Primrose Mittens from the Year of Gifts features a lovely tuck stitch that creates a waffle-like texture on the top of the hand. Working the stitch isn’t difficult by any means - anyone familiar with brioche will find it to be quite simple - but we thought a photo tutorial would be helpful to anyone new to the technique!
The tuck stitch is worked over one knit stitch and picks up both of the three stitch wide floats from the rounds below.
Step 1 / Using the right hand needle, grab the two floats from bottom to top so that they rest on the right hand needle.
Step 2 / Knit 1. The floats are still on the right hand needle in between the 1st and 2nd knit stitches.
Step 3 / Using the left hand needle, pass the tuck stitches over the 1st stitch on the right hand needle. The stitches are now tucked over that stitch.
Prefer a video? Check out the tuck stitches in action here!