Tips & Tricks

Invisible Cast On

We created two new Tips and Tricks for the Lucky Tweed Collection. The first, the Invisible Cast On, is used in Courtney’s Dover hat. This cast on is reminiscent of a crochet magic ring and creates a beginning that is perfect for the tops of hats, mittens, or when working socks from the toe up. While slightly finicky to work at first, once you get the hang of it, the stitches work up quickly and the end result is well worth it! Set-Up / Make a loop over the first two fingers of your left hand with the tail end crossing over top of the ball end. The ball end should be hanging down towards your lap and the tail end over the top of your hand and away from you. Hold the tail end in place using the thumb and pointer finger on your left hand. Step 1a / Using a DPN in your right hand, catch the ball end from the top down, and back to front to create a yarn over on your DPN. The yarn over on your needle. Step 1b / Hold your DPN against and above the loop on your left hand - this completes the cast on of the first stitch.

Step 2a / Go through the loop created by the yarn on your fingers from the top down,

Step 2b / and catch the ball end of the yarn from underneath.

Step 2c / Pull the DPN back through the loop - you now have 2 sts on your DPN.

Repeat Steps 1–2 until the specified number of stitches are on your DPN.

Release the loop from your left hand, and holding the DPN in one hand and tail end in the other, pull the tail to tighten up the loop.

Looking for a video? Check out the Invisible cast on in action!