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Crochet Join

The April Mittens are knit in two halves and the pieces are then joined around the edge using a crocheted slipped stitch. Besides being an interesting way to knit mittens, the crocheted seam also adds sturdiness and structure to an accessory that is sure to get some wear. When seaming with crochet, be sure to make your stitches firm and even but not too tight. If the seam is too tight, the top of the mitten won’t lay flat, but will bunch up.

Note: The pattern calls for a C (2.75 mm) hook, but for these images we have used a larger hook and contrasting color of yarn so the stitches are both larger and clearly visible.
STEP 1 / To begin, hold the back and palm of mitten together with wrong sides facing and the back of mitten on top. Starting at the cuff of the mitten at the right side (you will be working counter clockwise around the mitten), with yarn positioned in your left hand in preparation to crochet, insert your hook into the first slipped stitch through the back and palm of the hand from top to bottom. Wrap your yarn around the hook.
STEP 2 / Pull the yarn through both slipped stitches of the mittens.
STEP 3 / Insert the crochet hook into the next slipped stitches on both pieces.
STEP 4 / Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull it through (there will be two stitches on your hook), then slip the hook through the first stitch on the hook. One stitch has been joined.
STEP 5 / Continue working in this manner, inserting the hook into the next slipped stitches (one on back and on on palm), wrapping the yarn around the hook, pulling it through, then through the first stitch on the hook.
The image above shows what your work will look like once a few inches of crochet have been worked.
From the side, you will see the two layers of fabric and from the top, the crochet join. The crochet stitches will not be visible from the back (palm).

And that’s it! Once complete, you will have a sturdy pair of mittens guaranteed to last.