Announcing the Winners of Crochet Summer Crochet Something 2018!

The mission of our Crochet Something Contest was simple:

“This non-competitive contest is a great opportunity to spend the summer trying something new, or finally challenging yourself to make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. This feel-good contest is meant to be a fun way to gather more people to the craft of crochet.”
We had so many fantastic entries, and we want to thank everyone who played along. We are ALL WINNERS! But, there are actually only 6 prize winning categories: • Best Garment • Best First Crochet Project • Best Art/Sculptural Work • Best Doily • Best Home Decor (afghan, pillow, tea cozy, bathmat, etc. • Name your own category (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, bonus points for a funny, yet tasteful, category heading) So, without further ado, and starting from the top, we have...


The runners up were Kehinde Knits' crocheted cable(!) sweater, Karen Peacock's crocheted sampler sweater, and meeCrochet's beautiful and ethereal mohair lace shrug. And the winner of the BEST GARMENT category is Karen Peacock! Congratulations, Karen. You have won a set of Pompom Quarterly issues featuring crochet and some fun PPQ merchandise! Thank you to the wonderful folks at Pompom Quarterly for donating such a great prize! And thank you to our lovely runners up! Wonderful work, everyone!

Best First Crochet Project

All our judges were in agreement on this one, and the winner is Angela G, whose first amigurumi stole our hearts! Angela wins a set of Brittany birch wood crochet hooks (sizes D-J) and a Soak travel sized assorted 5-pack. This set includes 1 each of the popular Soak scents Celebration, Fig, Lacey, Pineapple Grove and Yuzu. How about a big round of applause to Brittany and Soak for the lovely prizes? 👏👏👏

Best Art/Sculptural Crochet

It came down to a battle between two of Heidi Quick's whimsical creations and Leah McGlone's contributory square to an amazing crocheted mural for the Marian Anderson Rec Center in Philadelphia. And Leah takes the win! Check out her post to learn more about this totally inspiring crocheted mural organized by Love Across the USA. Thank you to Knit Collage for providing the prize for this category! The Hibiscus Moon Shawl is wearable work of art!

Best Doily

There was no contest for this category. Linette nailed it! Linette crocheted a cool-as-heck spare tire cover for her new Jeep. It's so freaking cute! Congratulations, Linette! We're so happy you were inspired to crochet something this summer! And thank you to to our judge Sara Dudek, editor of Interweave Crochet, for the prize for the Best Doily category - a year's subscription to Interweave Crochet!

Best Home Decor

Constance Oakes and Juanita were both in the running to take the win for this category. Contstance's granny square blanket and Juanita's Kawung Motif cushion both impressed our judges.

But Juanita's pillow took the win! We all loved the composition of this piece, and the design by Atty van Norel is just so cool!

Juanita wins a kit from judges Kay and Ann of Mason Dixon Knitting for the Station Wagon Blanket! Thank you for your participation, ladies! It's been fun crocheting with you and your readers this summer.

Name Your Own Category!

This category was a lot of fun, and again, we were all in agreement. There really was only one category that this creation could have fit into, and it definitely needed to win. Jocelyn Tunney, owner of O-wool, crocheted a fly bonnet for her horse! We are so happy that our contest inspired her to pull out her crochet hook and make something truly...special? Hahaha! Well done, Jocelyn.
Jocelyn wins a kit to make the Boxy Tee, including our very own Scout yarn and a KW Anniversary Tote bag!

Thank you again to everyone who participated and made this year's Crochet Summer a blast! We will see you next summer. Now, on to fall knitting!