Announcing the Crochet Summer, Crochet Something Contest!

It’s time for a contest! In the true spirit of Crochet Summer, this is not a very competitive contest. It’s meant to be fun and easy going. It is summer, after all. Since there is already one Crochet Summer rule, Crochet something, anything, this summer, we’ll keep the rules of the contest in the same vein.


This non-competitive contest is a great opportunity to spend the summer trying something new, or finally challenging yourself to make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. This feel-good contest is meant to be a fun way to gather more people to the craft of crochet. There are six categories: • Best Garment • Best First Crochet Project • Best Art/Sculptural Work • Best Doily • Best Home Decor (afghan, pillow, tea cozy, bathmat, etc. • Name your own category (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, bonus points for a funny, yet tasteful, category heading) Each category will have one winner, with many superlative-laden runners up. EVERYONE is a winner with Crochet Summer!


• You have until August 31st to finish your crochet entry and post it to Instagram with the hashtags #crochetsummer2018 AND #crochetsomethingcontest2018. • You can enter as many things as you want to, in any category. Let us know in your post what category you are entering. If you don’t, we’ll decide for you. • Keep it classy.


Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley, Kelbourne Woolens Kelbourne Woolens is a yarn company and distributor who founded Crochet Summer in 2014. We love to crochet, but don’t do it nearly as often as we’d like. We have our own line of Kelbourne Woolens brand yarns, and are also the North American distributors of BC Garn and Navia yarns from Scandinavia. Meghan Fernandes, PomPom Quarterly Meghan is a former American transplant to London, where she lived for a decade. Now back in her native land, she is at the helm of Pom Pom in North America. While in London she wrote her MA dissertation on knitting in 20th century women's literature and worked for a publisher, a gallery, and a knitting shop, leaving her with a random but particular set of skills that could really only lead to running a knitting magazine. Her favourite things about running Pom Pom include photo shoots, testing out the cocktail recipes, and getting yarn in the mail. Sara Dudek, editor, Interweave Crochet Sara Dudek is the editor of Interweave Crochet. She grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado knitting, crocheting, and dancing. She moved away for a few years to earn her BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah, but moved back soon after. She recently graduated with her Master’s degree in apparel and textile design from Colorado State University, where she tried her best to incorporate crochet into every school project possible. Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner, Mason Dixon Knitting In 2003, Ann and Kay started a blog, Mason-Dixon Knitting. As daily, obsessed knitters, they “met” on the Internet and thought it would be fun to share their profound and awesome knitting thoughts with the entire world. Before long, they found themselves amid a warm, friendly, and smart community of knitters. It was all virtual—they didn’t meet in person until 2004, after they had signed a contract for our first knitting book, Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters’ Guide. Recently, they hunkered down to turn Mason-Dixon Knitting into the site we have always craved: a delicious daily read for every knitter. You can find them online at


Best Garment A set of Pompom Quarterly issues featuring crochet and some fun PPQ merchandise. Best First Crochet Project A set of Brittany birch wood crochet hooks (sizes D-J) and a Soak travel sized assorted 5-pack. This set includes 1 each of the popular Soak scents Celebration, Fig, Lacey, Pineapple Grove and Yuzu. Best Art/Sculptural Work Hibiscus Moon Crochet Shawl kit from Knit Collage. Best Doily A year subscription to Interweave Crochet. Best Home Decor A full set of Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides and the Station Wagon Blanket Kit Name your own category A BoxyTee (coming soon...) Kit featuring Scout and a limited edition KW Boat Bag from yours truly, Kelbourne Woolens.

We hope you'll join us this summer for a little friendly crochet competition! Don't forget to tag your images #crochetsummer2018 AND #crochetsomethingcontest2018.