Germantown Collection: Building Blocks

As we mentioned in the introductory blog post for Germantown, the collection we designed in conjunction with the release of the yarn is a little different that our typical approach. For Germantown, we thought a lot about the “point” of the yarn - it is entirely N. American sourced, spun, and manufactured, but it isn’t just a U.S. made product. It is a nice classic basic wool, but it isn’t just for basics. It is a remake of a vintage yarn, but it isn’t just a throwback. It was designed to have a low barrier to entry - the pull skein doesn’t require winding, and the affordable price point mean even a novice knitter or crocheter can invest in a project without feeling overwhelmed - but it isn’t just for beginners. What it is, though? We take our jobs very, very seriously, but we also know at the end of the day that its just yarn. Sometimes, you just want to knit a simple, classic accessory with good, basic yarn. So where did that leave us design-wise? With Building Blocks*: three patterns with three possibilities designed to educate a new knitter but still entertain a more experienced one. Designed for practicality and purpose, the hats, mittens, and scarves in the collection are a great tool for knitters and shop owners alike. There are only three patterns in the collection: Hats, Mittens, and Scarves. Each PDF has three individual designs that increase in order of difficulty. Unlike our other patterns, the Building Blocks PDFs are a little more word-heavy and break down some of the techniques in order to reach a more beginner knitter. We offer little insights throughout, and expand upon the “whys” of the directions. Like all of our other designs, links to our in depth photo tutorials are included in the pattern. The Scarves pattern features a super simple garter stitch, a classic sporty ribbed stripe, and a cabled scarf that has both charted and written instructions. Slipped stitch edges ensure a lovely finish and notes on working stripes, weaving in ends, and working cables guarantee an educational and easy knit. The Hats pattern takes you from the most basic roll-brim hat, to a K2, P2 Ribbed brim, to an all over Ribbed one, complete with an optional pom pom. Knit in the round from the bottom up, they are a great first project for a beginning knitting class or blank canvas for adding stitch patterns or colorwork motifs. The Mittens have a basic stockinette pair with a sore thumb, a broken ribbing with a sore thumb, and a classic Setesdal inspired stranded colorwork pair with an afterthought thumb. The stockinette and colorwork mittens feature kitchener stitch at the top, while the broken ribbing ends with 4 stitches. The patterns are available via our website here or Ravelry here. *Many thanks to Heather for the name suggestion!