Thank you for participating in our yarn tasting!

Below you’ll find information on how to set-up The Fibre Co Yarn Tasting for your shop.

• One skein from each of The Fibre Company yarn lines (11 skeins total) in your chosen color story.
• 12 Kelbourne Woolens Yarn Tasting project bags.
• 12 sets of Yarn Cards for each line - 132 cards total.
• 12 “The Fibre Co Sampler” Patterns.
• 1 Crafter’s Supply Kit.

The Fibre Co Yarn Tasting Box will host 12 people. Here’s a step by step guide on how to put together your Fibre Co Yarn Tasting: 
1. Wrap the Yarn Tasting Cards with their designated yarn line. Below is an approximate wrappings per card based on each yarn line. Just like knitting a gauge swatch, these numbers are an estimate on wrappings per card, but feel free to add or subtract from the recommended wrappings based on number of attendees or if you’d like to set up your yarn tasting a little differently - completely up to you! As you’ll see some of the yarns will allow more wraps per card based on yardage. Check out the helpful tips section to see what else you can do with some of the extra yardage.

• Acadia: 80 wraps
• Canopy Fingering: 120 wraps
• Canopy Worsted: 120 wraps
• Cumbria: 122 wraps
• Knightsbridge: 70 wraps
• Meadow: 200+ wraps
• Road to China Lace: 200+ wraps
• Road to China Light: 90 wraps
• Savannah: 90 wraps
• Terra: 50 wraps
• Tundra: 70 wraps

2. Once all of the cards are wrapped, place them in the attendee’s Kelbourne Woolens Yarn Tasting project bag with a Fibre Co Sampler pattern sheet and that’s it!

• For yarns with a larger wrapping count per yarn tasting card, ex: Meadow, decrease the amount of wraps and wind the extra yards for a “walk-in yarn tasting” for those customers who missed the initial yarn tasting sign up
• Leftover Yarn Tasting Kits? Place the extra yarn wrappings in a candy dish as a free take away for your customers!
• Add an extra giveaway for people who complete their Fibre Company Sampler. The competitive nature in some will come out and they’ll feel inclined to finish each yarn winding.
• Feature a selection of one to two skein patterns for suggested end uses at the Yarn Tasting.
• Offer a skein purchasing incentive: buy 3 skeins get 10% off, 6 skeins get 20% off and 9 skeins get 30% off. Customers will be inclined to purchase more yarn at a semi-discounted price even if it’s a small percentage.