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Kelbourne Woolens Yarn Tastings

A yarn tasting is a great way to try out our yarns in your shop! Order one today!

Enclosed in your package:
• One skein of each Kelbourne Woolens Scout, Andorra, Mojave, Germantown, Perennial, and Lucky
• Fifteen yarn cards for each line
• Fifteen mini Soak samples for each participant
• One free KW enamel pin (our choice of design) to keep or offer as a giveaway

The Kelbourne Woolens Yarn Tasting will host 15 people. In order to prepare the yarn for the tasting, you will need to wrap the yarn cards with their designated line. Once all of the cards are wrapped, group 1 card from each line together so attendees have a complete set of 6 cards.

Yarn shop owners can purchase tasting kits through Kelbourne Woolens.
Have any more questions? Shoot us an email at info@kelbournewoolens.com, or give us a call at 267.766.5480.