When designing the garments for the Summer Sweaters Collection, we used two yarns in the Fibre Company lineup that have a nice, crisp hand, Meadow and Savannah. Although different fiber contents and gauges, the yarns work well together, and as you will see, they can even be substituted for one another. 

When substituting a yarn of different weight compared to that used in the pattern, it is imperative to swatch and redo some of the math to make an appropriate switch.

STEP ONE: Swatch with recommended yarn to achieve gauge in the specified stitch pattern. In this case, Courtney used Savannah for her Sonora Tee. 

STEP TWO: Using your desired yarn, swatch with the suggested needle size and in pattern. Block and measure the end swatch and compare to pattern. Adjust needle size accordingly until you achieve gauge directed in pattern.

Yarn substitution can be easy but you must swatch. If you're changing yarn types, gauges, fiber content, anything, the outcome is unpredictable - unless you swatch. 

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