Thanks so much for your interest in knitting or crocheting samples for Kelbourne Woolens!

We are always looking to add skilled, quality sample knitters to our team and would love to have you on board! We pay the industry standard rate per yard of knitting, and provide all of the yarn and pay for all shipping to and from. All finished samples are to be the property of Kelbourne Woolens.

If this is a general inquiry, please note we may not have any imminent need for sample knitting, but are always looking to add to our list of potential sample makers. You may not hear from us right away, but we will be sure to be in touch as soon as we are able or in need.
If this is in response to a specific request/posting, make sure to identify the source of the request in the specified field below. Thank you!

Please let us know of your username(s) on your crafting-specific social media accounts where we can see examples of your work. These may include Ravelry, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Please tell us a little bit about your knitting and crochet experience. We are not as concerned with number of years experience as we are the types of projects you like to knit or crochet, the techniques you are most comfortable with, etc.
Deadlines: *
Most sample knitting deadlines are between 3-6 weeks. Once we confirm the request and assign you to an appropriate project, it is expected you meet this deadline. Are you confident in your ability to do so?
In-Progress Reports: *
We may request in-progress reports by way of images of your work. Are you comfortable with this request and willing to provide these images?
Swatching: *
All of our sample knitting requires that you swatch in order to obtain gauge. Are you willing to either mail in or send a photograph of your blocked/measured swatch before beginning the process?