BC Garn Jaipur Peace Silk


100% silk
328 yards (300 meters) / 50 gm skein
24 sts = 4” (10 cm)
US 0-3 (2-3 mm)
Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry

On an Eri silk worm farm in the Northeast of Thailand, the raw material for this wonderful silk yarn is harvested in a totally cruelty-free way form the cocoons of the Eri silkworm. The worm eats his way out of the cocoon and flies away before the cocoon is harvested by hand and then cooked to gain the precious thread.

Eri silk has a subtle shimmer but is not as shiny as mulberry silk, and has a drier look and feel, more resembling a bourette silk. The typical fiber properties of silk mean it is not elastic and has a tendency to grow after washing. Silk absorbs a lot of dye stuff. Some bleeding of darker colors is unavoidable. Please rinse in vinegar water until clear before mixing with light colors or wearing on a white blouse.

042 peach
016 lemon
040 dusty gold
018 orange
020 cardinal red
021 cherry
055 cyclamine
025 purple
054 lobster
067 baby pink
058 erica
046 lilac
051 salmon
071 nougat
070 taupe
069 egg shell
049 natural white
053 khaki
041 moss
072 aubergine
050 olive
037 forest green
038 bottle green
064 mint
045 silver
059 medium grey
063 baby blue
062 jeans blue
036 turquoise
031 royal blue
027 grape
057 night blue
047 black