KW Swatch Experiment

In August of 2016, I went onto Twitter - something I rarely do - and asked the question: "What would people do if we just stopped putting needle sizes on patterns? Needle size doesn't matter, people, gauge does! #youbetterswatch".

What happened next was unplanned, but when inspiration strikes, sometimes you just have to go for it! We asked knitters to swatch for us so we could get a random sampling of gauges knit with the needle size recommended in a variety of patterns. Despite the overall belief that knitters seem to hate swatching, we were happily overwhelmed with the response! After Courtney compiled the many, many volunteers, cross checked and organized addresses, and wrote up detailed instructions, Linette packed up and sent out many, many skeins of yarn to knitters all over the country. One month later we had over 75 swatches - 7 each in 11 of The Fibre Co. yarns

We sent instructions for simple stockinette swatches, with the recommended needle size taken from an existing pattern. After checking unblocked and blocked gauge, each yarn was posted weekly on the blog demonstrating how the results would affect finished size, pointing out common knitting mistakes, suggesting ways to customize garments, how row gauge does (and does not) matter as much, and hopefully, once and for all, putting the question "Why should I swatch" to rest.

Click on any yarn below to see each post in the series.