Tips & Tricks

Filet Crochet

While often very complex in appearance, filet crochet is a simple form of crochet that uses open netting and filled spaces formed by a combination of chain stitches and double crochet.

Anything that can be put onto graph paper can be crocheted using this technique, and your designs are limited only by your creativity. The yarn most often used is a fine, tightly spun, 100% cotton - perfect for things like pillow trims, curtains, and table runners. The fine yarn, coupled with a very small crochet hook, really helps to highlight the intricate patterning. You can use any yarn you choose, though, as long as you are getting good stitch definition! 

Step 1 / Place a slip knot on your hook and chain 20 sts.

Step 2 / Work a dc in the 8th chain from your hook. This forms the first open box of your filet crochet.

Step 3 / Chain 2, skip two stitches of your starting chain, and work a double crochet in the next chain.

Step 4 / Your second open box is now complete.

Step 5 / Continue in this way until all the chain stitches are worked. You will end with a double crochet in the final chain stitch.

Step 6 / Chain 5 stitches for your turning chain. Three chains form your side, and two will travel across the top.

Step 7 / Turn your work. Work a double crochet in the top of the previous double crochet, then chain two.

Step 8 / Instead of working two chain stitches over the next open box, you will work two double crochets in the space formed by the box from the row below.

Step 9 / Work a double crochet in the double crochet of the previous row. The filled box is complete.

Step 10 / Continue working open boxes to the end of the row.