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Summer Knitting Inspiration: Springtime Bandito

Since the beginning of the year, we have had a fabulous intern working for us at KW headquarters, Leah McGlone. Leah is currently pursuing her B.S. in Textiles with a knitwear focus at Philadelphia University. A little while ago, Leah asked to take a skein of Canopy Fingering in chiclet tree home with her and we happily obliged. A few days later, Leah returned to work with this lovely little kerchief. It took no time at all for her and Courtney to dub it the Springtime Bandito, a miniature version of the Springtime Bandit, a popular free triangular shawl pattern published by Kate in 2008.




From Leah:
Out of the four seasons of the year, summer could be considered the most challenging for many knitters, especially this summer with the never ending heat wave. However it’s not only the heat that is a challenge for most during the summer months, but the change in schedule and needing a project that can be packed at short notice. For me, the summer months are a well needed break from the hectic schedule of the school year and therefore I can dedicate time to my knitting (finally!). This single skein project is perfect for ing; whether it’s back home to Virginia for the weekend or sitting in Center City waiting for friends, this project is a go to for the knitter on the move and won’t make you dread knitting in the summer.


In order to make her lovely Bandito using just one skein of Canopy Fingering and size 5 needles, Leah worked the Set-Up and Body charts on the Springtime Bandit pattern as written, then worked rows 1-22 of the Edge charts, then she bound off knitwise on the next row. Perfect summer knitting and a lovely end result!