Patterns for Germantown Yarn

Germantown yarn is a soft, durable, 100% N. American Wool with ample yardage at an affordable price point, so when we released the yarn, we wanted to be sure there were good, easy, accessible, and fun knitting patterns to support it. What’s better than a free hat pattern? 12 free hat patterns, of course! So we decided to launch what has become our most popular programs in all 15 years we've been Kelbourne Woolens: The Year of Hats. Beginning in 2019, we released a new, free hat design each month made in Germantown. The Year of Hats designs are also available in kits! They not only provides a diverse range of designs but also encourages learning and growth for knitters, and all 12 hat patterns are completely free. One can never have too many hats, right? Not into hats? Our very popular Easy Germantown Handwarmers, which is also a free knitting pattern, makes a great first knitting project. These handwarmers are designed to be a manageable and satisfying first project, allowing new knitters to practice fundamental techniques. easy germantown yarn handwarmer. two hands clasped, wearing white wool handwarmers knit in kelbourne woolens' germantown yarn. This commitment to supporting and inspiring the knitting community is at the heart of why we do what we do: share the joy of knitting and make it accessible to all. In addition to free knitting patterns, we also have a popular series of patterns we developed for beginners: Building Blocks. Stack of hand knit scarves, hats, and mittens in Kelbourne Woolens Germantown in Persian Red, Honey, Navy, Jade, Pebble, and Natural on a wooden box with a light blue background The Building Blocks Collection is by far the most simple set of patterns in our catalog. There are three patterns in the series: a hat, a scarf, and mittens, and each contains three different versions that increase in level of difficulty. The first pattern is for the novice knitter who is just learning, the second has a few new techniques to hone your skills, and the final pattern teaches a classic knitting technique, either cables or colorwork. Learn more about the collection here! Today marks Day 2 of Germantown Appreciation Week, and we hope you've been enjoying it! Be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to access some excellent promotions this week! And remember, Germantown ships for free all week!