New! Germantown in Black and Natural

Black and Natural Unicorns are Here! We are delighted to have brand new black and natural Germantown Unicorns in stock and ready to ship! ⁠ In the past, the unicorns have been created in small batches - as few as 2 skeins per color combo - with singles of color remnants randomly plied together. For the black and natural, we had the mill set aside extra cones of this classic and beloved combo in order to ply a plethora of skeins so we could add them to the main lineup. ⁠ I am itching for more batches of Unicorns made in this manner - perhaps even adding a few more combos to the permanent lineup. What do you think?⁠

Germantown: Not Just For Winter Makes

Wool in the summer, you ask? But of course! Although we have two really wonderful cellulose yarns in the Kelbourne Woolens lineup - the classic linen/cotton Mojave, and brand new Tanguis cotton Skipper - everyone at KW knits and crochets with wool year round. Looking for warm weather wool knitting ideas? We suggest quick baby and kid projects, or vests and layering pieces. Of course getting a jump on winter hats and mittens is never a bad idea, either. Check out some of our favorite most recent makes and published designs in Germantown below!
Mini Kordy / Kiyomi Burgin and Sachiko Burgin
Tortuga Romper / Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre. knit by Amanda
SKEL childrens sweater / Selma Markúsdóttir
What is your favorite wooly project to knit in the summer?