Introducing Skipper!

Our first 100% cotton yarn!

Skipper is a 4-ply 100% unmercerized cotton, perfect for knitting, crochet, and crafts. We've swatched a bit and Skipper works up beautifully in a variety of gauges, making it ideal for baby garments, summery tees, amigurumi, accessories, or whatever else you're hoping to create! Specifications 100% Tanguis cotton 137 yards (125 meters) / 50 gram ball 22-26 stitches = 4" on US 2-4 (2.75-3.5 mm) machine wash cool, lay flat to dry Available in 16 colors!
Why Tanguis?
There are a lot of yarns that use Pima cotton. Grown in Peru, Pima is an extra long staple, luxuriously soft, fiber. This is the cotton that high end brands use, and it is super nice and very soft, but we wanted something that wasn't too soft or pricey. When designing Skipper, we wanted quality and a softness that stands up to the test of time, wear, and our wallets. Kelbourne Woolens' happy place is right in the middle; we're not a luxury brand, but all of our yarns are really great. The clear winner is Tanguis cotton, which we think is the best cotton fiber available on the market for yarn production. Tanguis cotton is absorbent and wicks moisture from perspiration much better than normal cotton, so you can wear natural, breathable garments without synthetic high-tech fibers. Its long, but not too long, staple fiber length is more resistant to pilling and fluffing off on your hands as you work, and is less prone to wrinkling, too! Another huge bonus? Tanguis cotton was developed to be more resistant to cotton wilt, and as a result is more environmentally friendly! It requires less water to grow in Peru's climate, and can be harvested up to six times per year. About 80% of the cotton grown in Peru is Tanguis cotton, making it readily available and its use supports existing farms and infrastructure, an important consideration when developing new products for the market.
Skipper Project Ideas
We have a collection in the works for release later in the summer, but in the meantime Kate put together some recently published designs that would look amazing in Skipper. Want even more? Check out our Pinterest board with a plethora of options! Ask for Skipper at your favorite LYS or check it out here!