Finished Project

Finished Project: Charlotte's Barnelopper

I took advantage of the lovely weather this weekend to finally take some photos of Charlotte in her finished Barnelopper! I knit this sweater for her over the course of 2019, casting on as part of the Fringe and Friends Steekalong last January. The body knit up relatively quickly in between other projects, I sewed and cut it open in the spring, and worked on the button bands in vacation in Maine, but put it away after that since it was so unbearably hot. I finally finished the pockets and sewed the ribbon and buttons on in November once it was cold again, and she’s been wearing it non stop ever since! The pattern, Barnelopper / Baby Fleas by Pinneguri, was a delight to knit up, especially paired with the Navia Duo. I worked the pattern mostly as written, but did make a few minor adjustments: I provisionally cast on stitches for the neck to work the ribbing after steeking, added pockets, made the body longer so she could get a few season’s wear out of it - the kid never grows out, only up, so this will most likely fit her for at least two more years - and repeated the bottom yoke chart at the hem and sleeve cuffs. This might be the only thing in her closet with pink in it, so I was a little worried she wouldn’t be into it, but she went straight for the pink glitter buttons and pink woven ribbon at Wild Hand when I took her with me to pick them out, so it is a nice addition of bright color to her wardrobe! She has worn the sweater no less than 30 times since I finished it, and I’ve even washed it once (wool cycle on cold, laid flat to dry), and it still looks great. The Navia Duo is the perfect blend of wooliness and softness, and the resultant fabric is light and warm. As mentioned in my 2020 Make 9 post, I’m determined to knit a Damejakka Loppa for myself, also in Navia Duo. I think the hardest part will be picking colors!