Cricket! A New Irish Tweed Yarn from Donegal

We are so happy to welcome Cricket, a new sport weight tweed yarn, to the Kelbourne line! A traditional sign of good luck, a cricket is a symbol of abundance and vitality, and their cheerful song is a harbinger of good things to come. We couldn’t think of a more auspicious name for the little sister to our Aran weight yarn, Lucky Tweed. We think this Irish tweed yarn might become your next favorite. A single ply authentic Donegal tweed, Cricket works up beautifully at 22-26 stitches on US 2-4 (2.75-3.5 mm) needles. While we have classified it as a sport weight, it is a highly gauge versatile yarn. It can be knit densely for creating colorwork that really pops, or you can knit it loosely for an ethereal lightweight quality for soft, next-to-the-skin wear. The 415 yard skein is ample, and many projects can be completed in a single skein. It is spun at the same mill in Donegal, Ireland where the Lucky Tweed is spun, and comes in a range of 19 rich colors, evoking the dramatic Irish landscape. Irish landscape, Donegal Irish tweed yarn uses wool nepps, little bits of fluff, to create striking depth of color to the yarn, almost like the palette of an Impressionist painter. Choosing the woolen nepps to complement the base color of the yarn is one of the highlights of creating a tweed yarn, and the possibilities are endless. bale of new merino wool irish tweed nepps As always, we hope you love Cricket as much as we do!