Year of Hats: July Hat

Sometimes designs take a long time to come to fruition; there is style or trend research, swatches, discussions, and strict scheduling and planning. Sometimes a design - such as this one - comes out of nowhere, seemingly unintentionally!

Kate has a recently published pattern, the Trigono Tee, featuring a geometric knit/purl triangles. I love the stitch, but didn’t have the time to devote to a whole garment. I did, though, have time to bang out a quick hat, so armed with a skein of Germantown in one of our new colors, Baby Pink, I asked her to send me a copy of the chart to see what I could come up with.

Less than a day later, I had whipped up this cute hat and we immediately knew it had to find a place as the July Hat in the Year of Hats lineup! (One of the many benefits of a small business such as ours is the ability to change plans.)

July is a hectic month for most. If you have kids like Kate and I both do, navigating odd summer schedules, camp pick up and drop off, and maintaining a consistent bed and meal-time can be tough. The heat is always a bit of a bummer - although it that has never stopped us from knitting or crocheting! - and the garden, weeds, and constantly-growing grass is an omni-present distraction.

We see the July Hat as a sweet little break from summertime schedule madness. An easy-to-memorize stitch pattern produces a cute and functional end result, and your mid-December head will be thanking your mid-July hands for thinking ahead to cooler temps!

We have limited kits available for the July Hat in our shop and from our excellent stockists, and they include:
• 1 skein of Germantown in baby pink
• 2 Perennial butterflies in natural and black
• 1 custom leather label

You can view and download the July Hat here on Ravelry. Enjoy!

All images: Linette Kielinski

Year of Hats: June Hat

Are we halfway through the Year of Hats already?! I guess we are because it’s the third Tuesday of June, and that means the June Hat is ready for you!

If this is your first time coming across our Year of Hats series, we are releasing a new, free hat pattern made in our Germantown yarn every month. Each month we feature a hat with a new technique and this month is no exception!

I love graphic colorwork knitwear and I wanted to make something along those lines but also really simple because summer is all about taking it easy.

My hat plays with contrast colors in both horizontal and vertical stripes using a classic black and white pairing. The crown decreases are integrated into the vertical stripe repeat and are virtually invisible.

Best of all, by using two different skeins of Germantown, you will have enough to make two hats in opposite colorways! One for you and one for your best friend.

June Hat by Meghan Kelley. Image © Linette Kielinski

My favorite part of any hat is the pompom. For this hat, with its stark black and white pattern, I thought it would be fun to use little bits of all the previous months colors to make multicolored pompoms for a literal pop of color at the top.

June Hat by Meghan Kelley. Image © Linette Kielinski

We have limited kits available for the June Hat and include:
• 2 skeins of Germantown; one in natural and one in black
• 4 Perennial butterflies in natural, sage, gold, and lead
• 2 custom leather labels

All Images by Linette Kielinski.

Year of Hats: February Hat

Today is the third Tuesday of the month, and that can only mean one thing - the February Hat is here!

February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn

This year we’re releasing a new, free hat design the third Tuesday of each month here on the blog made in Germantown. Germantown is a soft, durable, 100% N. American Wool with ample yardage at an uber affordable price point. Find all 18 colors of Germantown here, along with a list of all our stockists here.

When thinking about what I wanted to do for my first contribution to the year of hats, I took a bunch of elements of knitting I really, really love - a folded brim, textured stitches, stripes, and a pom pom - and incorporated them all into the design.

February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn

The February Hat begins with a provisional cast on, and then a deep one by one ribbing is worked to create the folded brim. The body of the hat is worked in four different textured patterns that incorporate slipped stitches, knits, and purls.

Simple decreases shape the crown, and a squishy dense pom pom completes the look! You can view more images and download the free pattern via Ravelry here.

In conjunction with the release of the designs, we're also offering limited kits that include a custom leather tag, yarn for sewing the tag on (in both contrast and matching colors), and one skein of Germantown in the recommended color. Ask for it at your favorite LYS!