Crochet Somer: Fraternal Twins Swimsuit

Hi everyone, I’m Somer! I am the in-house sales manager at Kelbourne. I also love to crochet, and am having a blast playing around with all the new yarns since starting this past summer.

This crochet swimsuit top pattern is one of my original designs. I was tired of doing the same stitches, so I YouTubed cute and easy stitches that I could use for my crochet projects. The bathing suit top features Kelbourne Woolens Germantown, a yarn that happens to be named for the historic neighborhood in Philadelphia where I grew up. Historic Germantown is known for its cobblestone, and the popcorn stitch embodies the spirit of Historic Germantown’s cobblestone charm, so the yarn and pattern are a perfect match!

Somer Bikini Germantown
Somer Bikini Close Up 2.jpg

This top sports alternating rows of neutrals with pops of color. When I first brought the top in to work, I showed Kate and explained to her that the order of the colors were different on each side because I was running out of yarn. The first thing she said was “They look like fraternal twins!” I have two sets of fraternal twins in my family, and know lots of associates and friends who are twins, so I have always been fascinated by twins. Unlike the fraternal twins on my suit, if I ever have a set, though, I’m praying for them to be identical like Tia and Tamera from the 90s sitcom Sister, Sister!

A matching pair of crocheted shorts have been adapted from an online pattern to compliment my original top. 

I chose Natural 105 because it meshes well with the accents of color. I am really into color therapy and looking at the neutral tone relaxes me. The other pops of color make it feel fun and lighthearted. I enjoyed making this set because it gave me the freedom to make something free of the pressures to be so serious - I can be pretty intense! The bright accents melt into the base color so well, allowing me to be playful and take it easy.

Somer Bikini Close Up 1.jpg

Currently, the pattern for my top is unavailable to the public, but you can visit my Instagram page couturecrochet94 or on Facebook couture0407crochet to inquire about orders and see what’s new with my work!

Fun Fact: I wore a similar crochet top during the swimwear segment when I competed in the 49th annual Miss Black America Pageant in 2017!

crochet step.jpg

Teaching our intern Gabby how to crochet on our lunch break.

Year of Hats: July Hat

Sometimes designs take a long time to come to fruition; there is style or trend research, swatches, discussions, and strict scheduling and planning. Sometimes a design - such as this one - comes out of nowhere, seemingly unintentionally!

Kate has a recently published pattern, the Trigono Tee, featuring a geometric knit/purl triangles. I love the stitch, but didn’t have the time to devote to a whole garment. I did, though, have time to bang out a quick hat, so armed with a skein of Germantown in one of our new colors, Baby Pink, I asked her to send me a copy of the chart to see what I could come up with.

Less than a day later, I had whipped up this cute hat and we immediately knew it had to find a place as the July Hat in the Year of Hats lineup! (One of the many benefits of a small business such as ours is the ability to change plans.)

July is a hectic month for most. If you have kids like Kate and I both do, navigating odd summer schedules, camp pick up and drop off, and maintaining a consistent bed and meal-time can be tough. The heat is always a bit of a bummer - although it that has never stopped us from knitting or crocheting! - and the garden, weeds, and constantly-growing grass is an omni-present distraction.

We see the July Hat as a sweet little break from summertime schedule madness. An easy-to-memorize stitch pattern produces a cute and functional end result, and your mid-December head will be thanking your mid-July hands for thinking ahead to cooler temps!

We have limited kits available for the July Hat in our shop and from our excellent stockists, and they include:
• 1 skein of Germantown in baby pink
• 2 Perennial butterflies in natural and black
• 1 custom leather label

You can view and download the July Hat here on Ravelry. Enjoy!

All images: Linette Kielinski

Year of Hats: May Hat

It’s the third Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for the May Hat in our Year of Hats series!

When spring shifts into summer, our knitting projects tend to get a little smaller, both for portability as we spend more time outside at the park or beach, and also for comfort, as sweaters may sometimes be a little too warm to knit. Although the weather here in Philadelphia has been unpredictable in May, warm weather is most definitely on the horizon, and hats are the perfect portable project to prepare for fall!

The May Hat is worked in the round from the bottom up. The deep ribbed folded brim, intricate cables, and pom pom make the most of a full skein of Germantown, ensuring a warm and cosy hat come winter.

Just like previous months, limited kits are available for the May Hat, which include:
• 1 skein of Germantown in Peacock
• 2 Perennial butterflies in Neon Lime and
• 1 custom leather label

If you want to join in on the fun, check out our participating stockists here and give them a call to reserve your kit!

Happy Knitting!