Announcing the Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection!

We love crochet. It’s our favorite for summer crafty fun.

We’re in our 5th year of Crochet Summer (a crochet-anything-this-summer-CAL), and thought this milestone anniversary was the perfect time to premiere our first crochet collection. So please welcome the first two pieces in the Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection, Sub Rosa and Summer Sunset!

Our ready-for-crochet Mojave is the starring yarn of the collection; the cotton/linen blend is both soft and durable making it ideal for summer crochet projects. The tropical palette served well as color inspiration, ranging from pleasingly cool neutrals to nearly neon hues.

Sub Rosa by Lana Jois

It was difficult to choose the final colors for Sub Rosa; there are so many beautiful options in the Mojave palette, but we decided that cool neutrals were the way to go for this charming little tee. It’s the 50th anniversary of Woodstock next weekend and what a great time to release a granny square motif top! The best part of Sub Rosa is the customization possibilities. Make it wild and psychedelic or cool and calm like the sample—either way it’s summer of (crochet) love chic.

Summer Sunset by Betsey Sennott

Summer Sunset 1.jpg

Our crochet-vibe is clearly late-60s and 70s inspired and what is more 70s than a wall hanging? Just adjacent of macramé, Summer Sunset by Betsey Sennott utilizes the bright colors of Mojave, a simple ripple stitch, and some fluffy fringe for a groovy wall hanging. We’re already noodling around with other color combinations from ocean cool to even brighter than this bright sample!

Stay tuned for more Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection over the next three weeks! There are FOUR more pieces coming!

All images by Linette Kielinski

Crochet Summer 2019: Instagram Round Up!

Anyone feeling the heat (and humidity)? It’s practically swamp-like in the northeast, which means it’s a great time to chill by the pool or at the beach with a summer crochet project. Our sculptural and openwork sister craft lends itself well to finer yarns and plant-based fibers making it the ideal summer craft. We’ve been following the #crochetsummer2019 and loving the gorgeous, colorful, and unexpected crochet creations you’ve made this summer!

We think it’s time for a mid-summer #crochetsummer2019 project round up! Let’s see what you’ve been up to so far. ☀️😎🌴



J. Riley hooked up this super cute and colorful bikini top just in time for a trip to the beach. We don’t know what’s more impressive—the bikini top or what appears to be crochet chandelier earrings?!



Tammy & Shannon of @topsyturvy_crochet made this rainbow halter that looks perfectly at home in a tropical paradise. Check out the rainbow fringe at the bottom!



Sometimes there is no substitute for good old cotton crochet thread and a granny square motif. @vivichic_crochet’s close up on her stitches shows off the timeless simplicity of crochet.



Siyana made this spectacular bracelet with a few sparkling adornments to complement its flowering structure. We’re in awe. Where can we get one?



Karen Peacock is getting Tunisian-y with it this summer! She’s using our Germantown in natural and sage to whip up an original design. We can’t wait to see the finished project!



Betsy Sennott’s swatch in Perennial’s pineapple color way sure looks sweet for a crocheted shawl! Perennial’s fine light fingering weight gauge is perfect for a summer shawl or top. We’re waiting for Betsy to reveal her finished project soon.

That’s it for now on #crochetsummer2019, but there is still lots of summer left, so keep on stitching. We’ll be watching and hooking up our own projects, too!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #crochetsummer2019 and, if you feel so inclined, tag us @kelbournewoolens.

Happy Crochet Summer!

Crochet Something Contest: Best Doily!

I. Love. Doilies.

I love them so much that I gave them their very own Crochet Summer Crochet Something Contest category! I think they are what really, honestly, led me into the craft world. My grandmother had some amazing doilies in her apartment that she, her mother, and her sisters had made over the years and I was mesmerized by their intricate and lacy twists and turns. They were eternally feminine, yet endlessly practical. They were the catalyst that led me to insist my grandmother teach me to crochet, though she was a hesitant and terrible teacher. 

Follow this Ravelry link to look at pages and pages of the best of modern doily crocheting, including the designs above by Grace Fearon, Julia Hart, Viktoriia Gul, Johanna Lindahl, Zoya Matyushenko, Lynn Koultas, and Olga Poltava.

Usually when we think "doily," images of those fussy, frilly, white cotton bits that may have covered your Great Aunt Myrna's house, like this:


Do you have a love of doilies as well? Share your story in the comments! 

In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of our Crochet Summer Crochet Something Contest (CSCSC):


This non-competitive contest is a great opportunity to spend the summer trying something new, or finally challenging yourself to make that thing you’ve always wanted to make. This feel-good contest is meant to be a fun way to gather more people to the craft of crochet.

There are six categories:
• Best Garment
• Best First Crochet Project
• Best Art/Sculptural Work
• Best Doily
• Best Home Decor (afghan, pillow, tea cozy, bathmat, etc.
• Name your own category (anything that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories, bonus points for a funny, yet tasteful, category heading)

Each category will have one winner, with many superlative-laden runners up. EVERYONE is a winner with Crochet Summer! Post your entry on Instagram by August 31st with the hashtag #crochetsomethingcontest2018 and you could WIN!