Color Stories: National Geographic Photos of The Day

National Geographic is the only (non-yarn related) magazine subscription that I have consistently maintained for my entire adult life. I love the photography, the articles, and the world-wide perspective each issue provides. I recently transitioned from print to the digital subscription, and tend to devour the whole issue in one or two sittings. As the magazine has evolved over the years, they have done an excellent job of providing content outside of the monthly issue, not the least of which is their Photo of the Day

For color inspiration this month, I thought it would be fun to see if I could put together some color stories in The Fibre Co. Terra inspired by some of my favorite nature images from the last few months.

1 / A Rare Rainy Day
Portuguese Photographer Roger Serrasqueiro took this image of two farmers on Cape Verde. I love the contrast between the lush green landscape, the rainy skies, and the patterned textiles of the farmer. 

Terra: Logwood Purple / Yarrow / Blue Spruce / Tea Tree

2 / Hot and Cold
Photographer Jared Goodwin took this shot of the Kīlauea Volcano on the island of Hawai'i. I can't help but look at this image and consider how loud the sounds emanating from the lava and ocean must have been.

Terra: Ash / Shale / Belladonna / Rusty Nails

3 / Swimming by the Stepwell
UK based photographer Shyam Prasad S. took this photo of Toorji ka jhalra, a stepwell in Rajasthan, India that was built in the 1740s and still in use today. I love the gradation of color from the deep blue water, mossy steps, to pink sandstone.

Terra: Artemesia / Olive Leaf / Acorn / Butternut

You can see all of the photos of the day here. Which one is your favorite?

Summer of Basics: Pattern Ideas

While perusing the back catalog of Kelbourne Woolens patterns when deciding what to make for the Summer of Basics, I was reminded that we have a hefty collection of designs that would make great wardrobe staples. If you're as excited about the Summer of Basics as we are, but (like me) have changed your mind more than once about which garment to make, below are some options from Kelbourne Woolens featuring The Fibre Co. yarns that would make great basics in any wardrobe!


Gull Island / Carrowkeel  / Bronwen / Echo Lake


 Fable / Cadillac Mountain / Vera / Killybegs


Wild Atlantic WayClawthorpe / St. Brendan / Brackenber

I believe I have (finally) settled on my three basics for the summer, and two of them will be sweaters for me, which I am incredibly excited about. Are you joining in on the Summer of Basics? What are you most excited about making?

#summerofbasics: Pattern Ideas In The Fibre Co. Terra

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Karen Templer is hosting a casual sew-knit-crochet-along entitled the Summer of Basics. (Check out the link to her post if you're keen on more details about the whole thing.)

I'm in the (very exciting for me....I really do love it!) swatching phase of planning my projects. I'm still contemplating whether to design my own sweater or look to an already published one, and the deciding factor will most likely be the gauge I settle on for my marled Meadow. In an effort to help me decide, I did a few Ravelry searches for some nice basic patterns featuring The Fibre Co. yarns. In my search, I was reminded of some of the really great sweater designs that have been published using The Fibre Co. Terra, and many of them are really excellent wardrobe stables that would be perfect choices for the make-along. Find a few of my favorites below!

1 / CHARLOTTE CARDIGAN / Carrie Bostick Hoge

Carrie's Charlotte Cardigan is the epitome of a wardrobe basic. It is classic, easy to layer, features a few unique details (love that deep deep ribbing), and really lets the unique qualities of The Fibre Co. Terra stand out. As a bonus, Charlotte would make an excellent first sweater for someone looking to branch out.

2 / PURBECK DEUX / Beatrice Perron Dahlen

This classic turtleneck pullover has been on my "retirement plan selfish knitting" list since it was released in February of 2016. I am seriously considering making it my missing "3rd" piece for the knitalong. The large turtleneck and shaped hem make it modern, but the simple shape and lovely stockinette keep it classic. 

3 / FABLE CARDIGAN / Kate Gagnon Osborn

Is it weird to include one of your own designs in a "favorites" list? I hope not. The original sample of my Fable Cardigan is still one of my most-worn garments (it even took me through two pregnancies!) and a shawl collar cardigan is a must-have in any closet.

4 / BARN SWEATER / Carrie Bostick Hoge

It is no surprise that two of Carrie's designs featuring Terra made my list. She is known for her classic, simple designs, and many from her full catalog would make excellent wardrobe basics. I think the feature I love most on the Barn Sweater is the reverse stockinette. Such a nice texture paired with the garter hems and wide buttonband.

Now I just need to be super patient and actually wait until June to begin....thankfully I can just keep swatching!