Year of Hats: June Hat

Are we halfway through the Year of Hats already?! I guess we are because it’s the third Tuesday of June, and that means the June Hat is ready for you!

If this is your first time coming across our Year of Hats series, we are releasing a new, free hat pattern made in our Germantown yarn every month. Each month we feature a hat with a new technique and this month is no exception!

I love graphic colorwork knitwear and I wanted to make something along those lines but also really simple because summer is all about taking it easy.

My hat plays with contrast colors in both horizontal and vertical stripes using a classic black and white pairing. The crown decreases are integrated into the vertical stripe repeat and are virtually invisible.

Best of all, by using two different skeins of Germantown, you will have enough to make two hats in opposite colorways! One for you and one for your best friend.

June Hat by Meghan Kelley. Image © Linette Kielinski

My favorite part of any hat is the pompom. For this hat, with its stark black and white pattern, I thought it would be fun to use little bits of all the previous months colors to make multicolored pompoms for a literal pop of color at the top.

June Hat by Meghan Kelley. Image © Linette Kielinski

We have limited kits available for the June Hat and include:
• 2 skeins of Germantown; one in natural and one in black
• 4 Perennial butterflies in natural, sage, gold, and lead
• 2 custom leather labels

All Images by Linette Kielinski.

Knitter Projects: Caramel

The Caramel sweater by Isabell Kraemer is a versatile, top-down blanket style cardigan with a bold striping detail that showcases the pattern's inherent drape. In this version, knit by Stephni, she chooses Acadia, a wool, alpaca and silk blend that gives this version a subtle sheen  from the silk and a native drape from the alpaca.

I love stripes

With stripes there's room for knitters to play with their color choices.  From subtle to vibrant, stripes can add a design element to any garment, and give the final project a dose of personality.  Stephni's color combination of a neutral, driftwood, and an accent color, strawberry, gives her sweater a pop of color with an added textural element due to Acadia's silk noil, making it stand out amongst the crowd.


Graphic stripes and colorwork have been a staple in the knitting community, and Stephni's gorgeous Caramel sweater pays homage to the classic neutral and accent color combination.  Awesome work, Stephni!

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Knitter Projects: Botanic Hat

With winter showing its brutal face here on the east coast, it's time to bring out the hats, scarves, mittens and everything warm to protect us from the harsh winter winds.  The Botanic Hat by Stephen West is a great way to mix and match colors and textures of different yarns, plus it's reversible!  In this version, knit by one of our own, Meghan, she mixes Organik in oahu and Road to China Worsted in citrine, to give this hat a dosage of color for the dull and dreary winter season.


Awesome Job Meghan!

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