Year of Hats: October Hat

Is there a better month in the year than October? We think not! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and clean, and firewood is stacked and ready for the first fire of the season. October is perfect hat knitting and wearing weather, so grab your needles and get ready for the October Hat in our Year of Hats series!

Designed by Sloane Rosenthal, the October Hat features Sloane’s signature modern cables, a deep folded up brim, an optional tubular cast on, and an adorable pom pom. As usual, we complete the look with a custom Kelbourne Woolens leather tag.

Those familiar with Sloane’s designs will already know she has a thing for cables, and she’s quite clever with making them flow seamlessly out of ribbing. Check out our cabling without a cable needle tutorial here, and watch your October Hat cables fly off your needles in no time. We think this essential unisex hat is the perfect fall/winter hat for anyone!

October Hat from Kelbourne Woolens by Sloane Rosenthal
October Hat from Kelbourne Woolens by Sloane Rosenthal

As for month’s past, we’ve assembled a kit for the October Hat, which includes:

• 1 skein of Germantown in Oxford Blue
• 2 butterflies of Perennial in midnight and raspberry
• 1 Kelbourne Woolens custom leather label

Head over to our online shop to purchase, or ask for one at your local LYS!

Happy Hat Knitting!

Year of Hats: September Hat

Grab your pencils, erasers, protractors, and knitting needles! It’s back to school time and also the third Tuesday of the month, which means we’re unveiling a new (free!) hat in our Year of Hats series!

Caroline Dick is one of our guest designers in this series and we’re delighted by her sweet September Hat. It’s the perfect unisex fall beanie for a college-bound kid, family, friends - pretty much anyone!

The September Hat features a fun and simple slip stitch stripe that is guaranteed to keep you saying “one more row” until the end. We bet you can’t make just one of this adorable hat!

As with all of our hats in the Year of Hats, the September Hat is topped with a soft, fuzzy pop pom!

Download the free September Hat today on Ravelry and show Caroline some love in the comments!

As for month past we’ve assembled a September Hat kit, which includes:

• 1 skein of Germantown in Persian Red
• 2 butterflies of Perennial in silver and vintage red
• 1 Kelbourne Woolens custom leather label

Head over to our online shop to purchase a kit or ask for one at your local LYS!

Happy Hat Knitting!

Year of Hats: August Hat

We love hats—we love designing them, we love wearing them, we love giving them to our friends and family, but we also love our friends design hats, too! Fortunately, we know many talented designers, so for the second half of our Year of Hats series we’ve invited a few of our friends to share the hat love!

Meet the August Hat, a lovely, Latvian-inspired beauty by Sarah Solomon. This is the first stranded color work hat of the series, but she kept it simple, interesting, and fun using 2 colors of Germantown, a sweet motif, and Latvian braids.

Sarah’s August Hat is refreshingly different from the previous hats in our Year of Hats series. Her design aesthetic celebrates traditional knitting techniques applied to modern knitwear designs. The gentle color work motif body of this hat is framed with two Latvian braids, which serves both as a decorative and fabric stabilizing feature.

Latvian braids are fun to work and yield beautiful results; if you’re new to this technique, fear not! Find our Latvian braid tutorial here, which breaks them down in a row-by-row photo tutorial.

Latvian braids are a twisty little technique, which creates a horizontal braid on the “public side” of the work. They’re created by purling and carrying one strand of yarn over the other. Follow the tutorial to unlock the mystery!

As months past, we’ve put together a kit for the August Hat, which includes:

• 2 skeins of Germantown; one in myrtle and one in sage.
• 2 butterflies of Perennial in pineapple and sage.
• 1 Kelbourne Woolens custom leather tag.

Download the August Hat for free today, and purchase the August Hat Kit here or contact your favorite LYS to order one today!

Happy (Hat) Knitting!