#mojavesummerKAL - Round Up!

Earlier this summer we started a super low-key #mojavesummerKAL on Instagram. Now that the hot breath of August is upon us it's time for a quick check-in on our hashtag! Let’s see what everyone has been up to this summer before we announce the winner of our #mojavesummerKAL giveaway!

1) Maggie Pascoe @thebrokencactus
Kalaloch Pullover by Kate Gagnon Osborn, Interweave Knits Summer 2019

Maggie’s Kalaloch Pullover in Mojave’s natural color way is a thing that makes us go, “OOOOOHHHH!” We followed her progress throughout the summer on this enveloping sweater designed by Kate for Interweave Knits Summer 2019. Her finished sweater is so beautiful we all want one.

2) Kandy White @yarnkandy
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose

Kandy’s Ranunculus, made in Mojave’s bright yellow, is just about the cutest Ranunculus we’ve ever seen! She’s right—it’s hard to make just one!

3) @yarnloop
Keane Wonder by Meghan Kelly

We always love to see a Keane Wonder by our Meghan Kelly! @yarnloop made her Keane Wonder in Mojave’s flamingo pink and it looks awesome! Way to beat the Texas heat!

4) Kate Gagnon Osborn @kelbournewoolens
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose

Look at this cutie! Kate finished her Ranunculus in Mojave’s natural just in time for her family vacation in Maine last month. Let’s all appreciate how Kate’s earrings artfully match the buoys hanging from the trees. Great pic, Kate!

5) Maggie Pascoe @thebrokencactus
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose

Maybe we should rename this KAL the #RanunculusMojaveSummerKAL? Maggie crushed it again! Her Ranunculus in Mojave’s cactus green is right on the nose. Indeed, it’s become our summer staple, too!

6) Alli @thehappysquash
Ranunculus by Midori Hirose

Last one! Alli’s adorable Ranunculus, made in Mojave’s dandelion yellow, is making us smile from ear-to-ear! This has become the summer of the Mojave Ranunculus and we love it!

Stay tuned for the winner of our #mojavesummerKAL giveaway!

Courage KAL Update!

How’s your Courage coming along?

Earlier this month Courtney interviewed Shannon Cook, the designer of the popular Courage shawl. In collaboration with Spincycle Yarns, we launched a quick and low-key Courage KAL perfect for relaxing summer knitting. Shannon’s Courage showcases both Germantown and Spincycle’s Dream State, which provides visual entertainment without much fuss.

Kate and Meghan B have been knitting away on theirs over the last month and are nearing the finish line. Since their shawls are almost done we thought it was a good time to check in with the #couragekal hashtag on Instagram and see how everyone else is progressing on their shawls, too!

Instagram Round Up Time

1) Andrea Rangel @andrearangelknits

If there is one thing Andrea’s known for it’s her an eye for color—her book Alterknit is proof enough. When we saw her soothing blue and earth tone color palette for her Courage we were smitten. Well done, Andrea!

Image: Andrea Rangel

Image: Andrea Rangel

2) Fibre Space @fibrespace

Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA put together several kit suggestions for the Courage shawl. We love a good color grid. If you’re digging one of these combos give the shop a call and they’ll send one out!

3) Ivonne @knittingivy

Ivonne finished her Courage in record time! We love the sharp styling, those neutral tones, and lush wingspan on the FO. ❤️

Image: Ivonne @knittingivy

Image: Ivonne @knittingivy

4)Trish @trishington

Trish’s artful lay down of her project and notions caught our eye and the unexpected use of Navia’s Trio made us clap in delight! Trio adds a rustic charm to this gorgeous purples and neutral Courage.

Image: Trish @trishington

Image: Trish @trishington

5) Michelle Carter @mysocalledhandmadelife

Oh! Michelle’s beachy vibes Courage is really making us wish for beachside knitting! The shore is calling for a quick getaway this weekend :)

Image: Michelle Carter

Image: Michelle Carter

Find more beautiful Courage WIPs on Instagram—simply follow the #couragekal hashtag—and find all the colors and stockists of Germantown here.

Join us in the KAL! There is still time to whip up a Courage before the summer is over!

Finished Projects: Meggo’s A Bow in the Sky

Ask anyone, I’ve never been known to wear bright colors, despite my healthy appreciate for them on other people. It’s a personal comfort thing created by a combination of growing up in New York (the epicenter of the all-black wardrobe) and not wanting to draw unwanted, or really any, attention to myself in public.

It’s no surprise to anyone that my summer wardrobe is as non-colorful as my winter, including the knitwear accessories. Enter Courtney’s stunning A Bow in the Sky shawl created for LYS Day 2019, full of squishy slip stitch and soothing stripes. The original “skittles” color way is an explosion of joyous bright colors, but even though I love them, I knew that I’d never wear those colors.

Image: Linette Kielinski

Image: Linette Kielinski

We developed four different color way kits for her design based on the teams personal preferences, and mine naturally skewed a bit, um, neutral.

Image by Linette Kielinski

Image by Linette Kielinski

Every intention was made to complete the storm cloud version by TNNA, but I was busy knitting away on new and exciting upcoming designs for our fall collections.

My WIP turned into a soothingly slow, podcast knitting delight (anyone else addicted to true crime podcasts, too?). Our Perennial is so soft, pliable, and smooth that the stitches just floated off my needles, and the simple repetition of the pattern made it easy to relax and listen without complication.

Cut to a month later and my pleasingly neutral, matches-everything-I-own shawl is ready for summer night dining, air conditioned buildings, and scarf wear this fall.

Have you made A Bow in the Sky, too? Share it with us on Instagram by tagging @kelbournewoolens using the hashtag #KWPerennial and #ABowintheSky