Euston and Dover from the Lucky Tweed Collection

Textural knits? We love them. We also love Lucky Tweed, a woolen spun yarn, which are not known for their stitch definition. We considered this a challenge to overcome, and I think we succeeded! Euston and Dover are our textural knits in the Lucky Tweed Collection, and both designs make those nubbly stitches pop!

Euston by Meghan Babin

Meghan has a thing for tunic sweaters, and Euston is an ode to the silhouette she loves best. Tunics are cozy, inviting, and chic all at the same time. Pair them with leggings and boots and you’re 100% ready for fall. The key to a good tunic design is simplicity, but, as a knitter, one has to keep the stitch interesting so the large fabric expanse remains engaging.

Barbara Walker to the rescue! The Shadow Rib and Reverse Shadow Rib are from one of Meghan’s handy Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries. The subtle ribbing stands out, and repetitive vacillating between Shadow Rib and Reverse Shadow Rib at the borders of the lower body keeps the mind and fingers just engaged enough to keep things interest, but simple enough for podcast listening or binge watching.

This is the first ever Kelbourne Woolens design to feature full-fashioned shoulder shaping. It’s a tailoring technique seen in ready to wear, but not often in hand knitting. Basically the back shoulder slope begins several inches below the top of the shoulder, and the front shoulders are worked even and longer than a traditional shoulder to make up for the lower shoulder in the back. The result is a beautiful looking shoulder that fits better than traditional shoulder shaping.

Dover by Courtney Kelley

Here’s the thing about Courtney, she can roll with it, and that’s how she designs, too. She knits what makes her happy and, in turn, her designs are imbued with her carefree spirit. Dover is no exception. She was all about an undulating, textured wave stitch using just simple knits and purls. The points of the “waves” create natural increase lines that make this a really satisfying knit.

Dover is completely reversible, and Coutrney intentionally flipped it inside out during our photoshoot to capture the interesting crown details from the inside. It’s cool, right?

Dover has a little secret. It started from the crown with an invisible cast on and worked from the top down! Another win for this sweet little hat!

Find the tutorial for the Invisible Cast On here.

Stay tuned for our deep dive on Olde City and York next!

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