KW Style It: A Bernadette For My Every Mood

Normally when I put together the outfits for our Style It posts, I try to think outside my personal box a little beyond only items I would wear, while still incorporating pieces and elements that are true to the KW brand and aesthetic.

For my Bernadette sweater from the Andorra Collection, though, I went full-selfish and put together three very "Kate" outfits that I think both demonstrate the versatility of this classic turtleneck and show how easy it is to change up your style, if only a little bit!

STYLE ONE: City Living
This is probably the closest to an outfit that I'd wear every day (note to self: finally bite the bullet and buy a nice leather jacket). I love the mix of the worn in jeans, sneakers, and jacket with the pink water bottle and gold jewelry to show a little touch of feminine.

KW Style It: Bernadette City Living

STYLE TWO: Modern Feminine
If I am going to get "girly", this is about as far as I am willing to take it. I love the softness of the Ace&Jig skirt paired with a pair of classic clogs, a denim jacket, and some nice accessories that show a little bit of color and personality. (The earrings are by our dear friend Lila, and I own this exact pair - and, ahem, maybe a few others, too - and adore them all.)

KW Style It: Bernadette Modern Feminine

STYLE THREE: In The Country
We travel to Vermont and Maine a bit throughout the year and if I was headed up there now, all of these pieces would either be on me or in my suitcase. I don't buy much new clothing or shoes these days, but I treated myself to a pair of Blundstones this fall and now they're all I want to wear, especially as I find practicality plus a few small personal details to be key when fighting the insane weather New England seems to have 340+ days a year.

KW Style It Bernadette

I keep thinking if I was going to make a Bernadette for myself, I would use one of the neutral colors of Andorra, perhaps even the ink black. But now seeing haint blue here pair so well with all the neutrals I love, I'm not so sure!

KW Style It: Bibbe For Any Occasion

Bibbe by Meghan Kelly has definitely been the runaway hit from The Pop Collection. A casual turtleneck sweater meant to be worn with a large amount of ease, the sweater is designed to be comfortable and flattering to a wide variety of body types. One of the best parts of TNNA was watching so many people try the sample on in the booth - it looked great on everyone who put it on!

When planning the styling for The Pop Collection, we wanted to play with the dichotomy between the really classic Irish tweed yarn of The Fibre Co. Arranmore Light and American mod styling. Our amazing model, Megan Mesveskas, and hair and makeup artist, Katelynn Walsh Monticciolo were happy to push this even further, and they both really nailed the look we were going for. 

Such styling sometimes isn't practical for everyday wear in the 21st century, though, so I thought it would be fun to show three additional styling options for Bibbe

I find myself creating a casual look for pretty much every post, partially because it is a style I find most practical for everyday life, but also because it can be the most relatable, even if the particular brand of sneaker or watch isn't your exact preferred "look".  I love the slightly tomboyesque look of the practical backpack with the Mallet sneakers paired with the gold watch and rose pink notebook.

I put together this style with a date night in mind, but it also made me think of my awesome neighbor who lived in France for 14 years and now has a corporate job downtown in Philadelphia and has to balance her conservative office expectations and more liberal style on a daily basis. Cranberry and turquoise are a classic color combination, and paired with black, the look has just the right amount of personality without being over the top. 

STYLE THREE: Night at the Museum
I thought of a lovely museum visit or First Friday event when putting this style together, but if I'm being honest, this is a look I would probably wear every day if my life took a different trajectory and I worked in a less casual office or gallery or was a professor or some other creative profession.

How would you style your Bibbe?

KW Style It: Bennett Creek

When I put together the styling for the Luma Collection photoshoot, I utilized the gorgeous landscape of the New Jersey shore, the casual style of the garments, and the multi-season wear of The Fibre Co. Luma as my inspiration. While all of the pieces look amazing in their beach environment, I wanted to play around with what my sweaters would look like in alternate seasons with alternate styles. 

STYLE ONE: Sunday Brunch
Bennet Creek is designed to have a slightly cropped body, a shape that looks great paired with dresses or tunic. I loved the idea of "winterizing" the sweater (is is February, after all!) by adding a dark floral dress, colored tights, boots, and cold weather accessories. This style would be perfect for wearing out to brunch or even at the office.

KW Style It: Bennett Creek in The Fibre Co. Luma /

STYLE TWO: Weekend Relaxation
Jeans always will be my number one go-to when choosing something to wear. Pairs that have been broken in just right can be as comfortable as sweatpants (and, lets be real, way more appropriate for going out and about)! I love how Bennett Creek can work for a casual weekend when paired with a well loved pair of jeans, a classic buttondown, and sneakers. No one will know you're as comfortable as you'd be if you were wearing sweatpants!

STYLE THREE: Spring has Sprung
One of the unique qualities of Luma that separates it from many of the other yarns in The Fibre Co. lineup is its multi-season wearability - not too hot, not too cool, garments knit in Luma are as appropriate during unpredictable spring weather as they are cool summer nights or fall days. I love the feminine, airy effect that is created when Bennett Creek is paired with a mid length silk skirt, blouse, and soft pastel accessories.

KW Style It Bennett Creek 3.jpg

How would you style your Bennett Creek? We'd love to see it!