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October Hat Provisional Cast On

The October Hat by Sloane Rosenthal for our Year of Hats features a provisional tubular cast on. This cast on creates a really lovely, stretchy edge that is reminiscent of a commercial or machine knit edge.

I created a video showing how to work the cast on, as many people have had questions about the first few steps and exactly when to use the working yarn versus the main hat yarn. Although it requires a few extra steps, it is totally worth it!


4 thoughts on “October Hat Provisional Cast On

  1. Pat DeLeeuw says:

    How about a kit for the hat with the pattern;[{ including the provisional cast on ‘

    1. Hi Pat! You can purchase hat kits here, or ask for it at your local yarn shop!

  2. Cindy Adams says:

    Thank you for the lovely videos

  3. I have been knitting for over 30 years, however just simple knit / purl afghans. I have started knitting outside my comfort zone and found this instructional video extremely helpful. I purchased the Kelbourne Woolens Germantown in Forest Green to make the “October Hat”. I checked out instructions for rows 1-4 on YouTube, but was so glad to find this as it ensures my hat will be a success.

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