2020 Make Nine: Courtney’s Picks!

As promised, here are Courtney’s 2020 Make 9 picks!

L) Pattern: Fen Dress by Amber Corcoran. Fabric: Linen from stash.
I have some grey/purple/brown linen I’ve been hoarding for about 15 years that would be awesome for this dress.
M) Pattern: Pineapple Smoothie by Audrey Drysdale. Yarn: BC Garn Tussah Tweed in Royal Ocean.
I have always really liked this sweater, and Tussah Tweed is the perfect yarn for it. The Royal Ocean is such a Courtney color – is it green? Is it blue? Is it black? No one knows!
R) Pattern: Ripple Camisole by Jesse Mae Martinson. Yarn: TBD.
I’ve been so into everyone’s on Ravelry and Instagram pics of this design, I have to join the party. I’m going to knit it in a super secret yarn that no one knows about yet. Hopefully more on that soon, though!

L) Pattern: Finley Baby Pants by yours truly. Yarn: Kelbourne Woolens Scout in…all of them!
Because you can never have too many adorable baby pants.
M) Pattern: Vivarium Pullover by Amber Corcoran. Yarn: Kelbourne Woolens Germantown.
This one is just wild. I think I want it. I know I want it. I also love the recommended yarn, Retrosaria Beiroa, but I think I’m going to have to go with Germantown.
R) Pattern: Deschain Sweater by Leila Raven. Yarn: TBD.
EVERY time I see someone wear this I think, OOOO what’s that sweater? I have loved it since it came out. I don’t know what I’ll knit it in, but I’ll figure it out sometime this year.

L) Pattern: Sensun Sweater by Linda Skuja. Yarn: Kelbourne Woolens Lucky Tweed.
You know who loves crocheted puff stitches? ME. This sweater and I have a serious date, and I have a stash of Lucky Tweed that’s going to tag along.
M + R) Pattern: Shirt No. 1 and Dress No. 2 by Sonya Philip. Fabric: TBD.

I don’t sew much any more, and want to get back into it. Perhaps I’ll make myself an army of shirts and dresses!

And that’s it! Here’s to hoping I can start tacking my list asap!

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