Announcing the Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection!

We love crochet. It’s our favorite for summer crafty fun.

We’re in our 5th year of Crochet Summer (a crochet-anything-this-summer-CAL), and thought this milestone anniversary was the perfect time to premiere our first crochet collection. So please welcome the first two pieces in the Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection, Sub Rosa and Summer Sunset!

Our ready-for-crochet Mojave is the starring yarn of the collection; the cotton/linen blend is both soft and durable making it ideal for summer crochet projects. The tropical palette served well as color inspiration, ranging from pleasingly cool neutrals to nearly neon hues.

Sub Rosa by Lana Jois

It was difficult to choose the final colors for Sub Rosa; there are so many beautiful options in the Mojave palette, but we decided that cool neutrals were the way to go for this charming little tee. It’s the 50th anniversary of Woodstock next weekend and what a great time to release a granny square motif top! The best part of Sub Rosa is the customization possibilities. Make it wild and psychedelic or cool and calm like the sample—either way it’s summer of (crochet) love chic.

Summer Sunset by Betsey Sennott

Summer Sunset 1.jpg

Our crochet-vibe is clearly late-60s and 70s inspired and what is more 70s than a wall hanging? Just adjacent of macramé, Summer Sunset by Betsey Sennott utilizes the bright colors of Mojave, a simple ripple stitch, and some fluffy fringe for a groovy wall hanging. We’re already noodling around with other color combinations from ocean cool to even brighter than this bright sample!

Stay tuned for more Kelbourne Woolens Crochet Collection over the next three weeks! There are FOUR more pieces coming!

All images by Linette Kielinski