Year of Hats: July Hat

Sometimes designs take a long time to come to fruition; there is style or trend research, swatches, discussions, and strict scheduling and planning. Sometimes a design - such as this one - comes out of nowhere, seemingly unintentionally!

Kate has a recently published pattern, the Trigono Tee, featuring a geometric knit/purl triangles. I love the stitch, but didn’t have the time to devote to a whole garment. I did, though, have time to bang out a quick hat, so armed with a skein of Germantown in one of our new colors, Baby Pink, I asked her to send me a copy of the chart to see what I could come up with.

Less than a day later, I had whipped up this cute hat and we immediately knew it had to find a place as the July Hat in the Year of Hats lineup! (One of the many benefits of a small business such as ours is the ability to change plans.)

July is a hectic month for most. If you have kids like Kate and I both do, navigating odd summer schedules, camp pick up and drop off, and maintaining a consistent bed and meal-time can be tough. The heat is always a bit of a bummer - although it that has never stopped us from knitting or crocheting! - and the garden, weeds, and constantly-growing grass is an omni-present distraction.

We see the July Hat as a sweet little break from summertime schedule madness. An easy-to-memorize stitch pattern produces a cute and functional end result, and your mid-December head will be thanking your mid-July hands for thinking ahead to cooler temps!

We have limited kits available for the July Hat in our shop and from our excellent stockists, and they include:
• 1 skein of Germantown in baby pink
• 2 Perennial butterflies in natural and black
• 1 custom leather label

You can view and download the July Hat here on Ravelry. Enjoy!

All images: Linette Kielinski