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#mojavesummerKAL – Winner!

As the last days of summer fade into fall our #mojavesummerKAL comes to a close as well, which means unveiling the winner of our giveaway!

A few weeks ago, we rounded up some of our favorite projects from #mojavesummerKAL, our KAL Instragram hashtag. There were so many beautiful projects to choose from, but there was one person who not only made one (rather bountiful) sweater, but two in Mojave, with plans to start a third!

And the winner is…

Maggie Pascoe @thebrokencactus!

Maggie’s first Mojave FO that caught our eye was Kalaloch Pullover by our own Kate Gagnon Osborn from Interweave Knits Summer 2019. This expansive design requires a lot of knitting. Maggie seemed to whip up her Kalaloch in no time flat, and, indeed, was able to enjoy her gorgeous summer knit by the sea.

Maggie worked her delightfully oversized Kalaloch Pullover in Mojave’s natural color way, making for that light neutral layer that can go over practically anything.

As if making a Kalaloch wouldn’t take most of the summer, she also made a gorgeous Ranunculus in Mojave’s cactus green!

Kate also made a Ranunculus earlier this summer, and we’ve been eager to see more in the happy colors of Mojave. We have a particular fondness for our cactus green and we think it looks awesome in Maggie’s top!

We were touched by Maggie’s fondness for our sweet summer yarn, and as the winner of our giveaway she’ll receive another summer top’s worth of Mojave in the color of her choice for another beautiful creation.

We could gush all day about how much we love Mojave and our customers who embraced our soft and strong little summer yarn, but let us just say a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who discovered Mojave for a great summer of making!

Until next summer! 🏖 😎

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